How Do You Securely and Reliably Transfer Data Between Cloud Environments?

How Do You Securely and Reliably Transfer Data Between Cloud Environments?

How do you securely and reliably transfer data between Cloud environments? Which includes a mix of public cloud and on-premise locations. Connecting multiple locations, each with physical or virtual network topology using different endpoints with varied features and functionality adds COMPLEXITY.

Public Cloud providers are responsible for security OF the Cloud. Not security IN the cloud.
So how do you protect your customers’ data and applications from evolving threats – like malware and ransomware in this shared responsibility model when the attack surface is increased and lowering the RISK?

In a distributed environment how do Service Providers visualise and track the health and performance of hybrid and multi-cloud resources?
Today existing monitoring features and capabilities vary depending on the cloud provider and each of them are accessed from a different console or API – which complicates movement between platforms which often restricts businesses from using different providers for different applications creating more EFFORT & COST.

Connect – Secure – Operate
Service Providers using Juniper Networks open and standards-based approach to interoperability help organisations to seamlessly extend and connect cloud infrastructures across multiple locations including public cloud environments. We are helping Cloud Service Providers transform their customers’ hybrid environments. This provides the consistency and flexibility that enables a hybrid platform to be connected, secured and operated using the same software and the same tools – greatly simplifying a business’s ability to create and consume cloud environments.

Talk to the Xantaro, the Juniper Networks Elite Partner for more information on Hybrid Cloud/Multi-Cloud Connect Secure & Operate solutions for Service Providers.

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