Fuzzy WAN Logic

Find out how the last 4-5 years have disrupted the absolute network architecture and pushed us into the world of fuzzy WAN logic.

Logic beyond the traditional representation of true or false; right or wrong; 0 or 1 is fuzzy logic. The human brain and its analysis of situations is a representation of fuzzy logic. The brain relies on degrees of truth versus its representation in absolute terms.

Traditional networks were designed for absolute situations. Applications and data resided in the corporate datacenter or within headquarters. And the users of these applications and data were within the confines of the enterprise and its branch offices. The enterprise network was defined and on-premises. This architecture allowed for the development of location-based wide area network (WAN) technologies like MPLS and WAN optimization. The end-to-end deployment of a private links to connect offices or a full-mesh deployment across multiple offices allowed for a secure and guaranteed network across geographies and served enterprises well from the 1990s all the way to the early 2010s.

If budget was not a challenge and manpower was plenty, most large organizations deployed one or both of these technologies and benefited from improved productivity through faster data transfer and usable applications around the world. Hard dollar savings in the form of data compression and de-duplication, and therefore bandwidth reduction, led to tremendous growth in the WAN optimization market. Smaller organizations as well as smaller offices within larger organizations were, however, excluded from these technologies and relegated to limited collaboration across their teams.

Find out how the last 4-5 years have disrupted this absolute architecture and pushed us into the world of fuzzy WAN logic.

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