Fraud in Digital Advertising: BOT Baseline 2018-2019

Fraud in Digital Advertising: BOT Baseline 2018-2019

For the First Time, More Fraud Will Be Stopped This Year than Will Succeed. Download the report.

Today, fraud attempts amount to 20 to 35 percent of all ad impressions throughout the year, but the fraud that gets through and gets paid for now is now much smaller. 

• We project losses to fraud to reach $5.8 billion globally3 in 2019. In our prior study, we projected losses of $6.5 billion for 2017. That 11 percent decline in two years is particularly impressive considering that digital ad spending increased by 25.4 percent between 2017 and 2019. A detailed breakdown by device and media type is on the next page. 

• For the first time, the majority of fraud attempts are getting stymied before they are paid for, by DSPs and SSPs filtering fraudulent bid requests, by clawbacks, or by other preventative measures. Absent those measures, losses to fraud would have grown to at least $14 billion annually. 


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