Five Essential Attributes for Designing the New Business WAN

Wide Area Networks (WANs) are critical to the day-to-day business operations of today’s enterprises, connecting headquarters, remote offices and data centers with business applications.

Marketplace News Author:  Mary Stanhope, Vice President Marketing

Wide Area Networks (WANs) are critical to the day-to-day business operations of today’s enterprises, connecting headquarters, remote offices and data centers with business applications. Multisite enterprises have recently turned to Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) architecture solutions to build WANs due to the technology’s ability to handle any-to-any connections for thousands of sites.

Today, however, there is no single WAN technology that effectively meets every single requirement to connect all enterprise applications and all locations. For example, a growing alternative to connecting data centers to headquarter locations that require scalability and high-bandwidth is Carrier Ethernet. Alternatively, dedicated or Broadband Internet access can be used to connect remote offices that only require Internet connectivity to be successful. The new enterprise WAN encompasses multiple technologies connecting locations to support the variation of bandwidths and performance levels needed to meet today’s evolving business application requirements.

Today’s WANs are best designed for the right connectivity for the right application at the right location - a complex task for IT and network teams in today’s fragmented local connectivity market. Enterprises have to navigate through a multitude of service names, options, pricing and availability in order to qualify and design the right WAN solution. The traditional RFP route encompasses extensive research, strategy, face-to-face meetings, and an iterative proposal process. Designing the right WAN solution can be a time-consuming process - but it doesn’t have to be.

Five essential attributes that simplify the complexity of WAN connectivity:

  1. Visibility – Having visibility into the network connectivity access market allows customers to optimize the cost and performance of service. One Marketplace provides transparency into network availability, pricing and the technology connecting business locations.
  2. Real-time Pricing - Having access to real-time, automated pricing of network connectivity helps companies understand the impact of WAN possibilities and provides more informed decision-making when connecting new business locations or expanding existing ones.
  3. “What-if” Modeling - Your WAN design is determined by balancing specific service criteria to best fit the needs of your business, including available technologies, preferred interconnection points, cost, latency, contract terms, and geographical preferences. The ability to filter service options in real time is critical to both simplifying and optimizing your network qualification, and reducing research time.
  4. Ease of Ordering – Once you have designed and priced your WAN, having the ability to buy your design with a click of a mouse from a single provider can save valuable time over having to contract and provision from multiple vendors.
  5. Simplicity – The new WAN, with its growing complexity and requirements, is complicated enough. Working with a service provider that offers the broadest range of coverage as well as connectivity solutions combined on one MSA, SLA and bill simplifies network procurement and frees up IT teams to focus on more complex computing needs of your business.

Global Capacity’s award-winning One Marketplace™ platform provides customers with visibility into service options, pricing and availability by offering aggregated network bandwidth combined with an online self-service application to design, order and deliver services. Network Builder, the newest functionality in the One Marketplace application suite, delivers the industry’s most powerful network design application to help Global Capacity’s business customers simplify this process. Network Builder enables anyone to design WANs by visually automating complex processes in just a few clicks, with an intuitive user interface, “what if” scenario modeling and service attributes such as network cost, service technologies, latency, contract term and preferred interconnection points.

One Marketplace connects global enterprises with thousands of locations, providing full visibility into the access market and connecting the right applications to the right locations with the right services for optimal network performance and price. Leveraging the platform’s leading state of network interconnectedness, companies can easily and cost-effectively design, build and manage the right WAN for their business.

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