FCM360 - A Leader in FX Broker Solutions

FX Brokers can now extend their infratsructure with one proivder, FCM360

FCM360 offers various products both for hosting Metaquote MT4 Broker Server  and MT4/5 clients for Expert Advisors.  Host your MT4 Broker software in Equinix NY4, LD4 and TY3 to provide the best access to liquidity for clients who want to cross connect or host directly in your own cage.

FCM360 provides Low-Latency Trading Infrastructure for Automated Trading, Algorithmic Trading, High Frequency Trading as well as Managed Trading System Hosting and Exchange Connectivity. By utilizing FCM360 services, our clients are allowed to focus on their core business which is building client relationships, trade execution services and generating revenue. By having turn-key technology solutions for your trading clients you will enhance the recognition and value of your brand.