Every manager about to embark on a “Boil the Ocean” IT project should read this

The work we do at Options touches on something very close to my heart – IT project overruns.

Aside from it being an area most CIOs, COOs and even CEOs spend a great deal of their time attempting to navigate; it’s always been of particular interest to me for a number of personal reasons:

(i) Firstly, I’ve always had a love of execution, which often means delivering difficult projects on time and under budget.

(ii) Secondly, at Wombat our software was often only a relatively small part of much bigger and more complex solutions (at one point we estimated that ticker plant software was only 10% of the total cost of an enterprise system, albeit a very critical component). Crucially, however, we generally didn’t get paid until the whole project was completed, which meant, in short, we carried massive commercial exposure to overruns in other parts of the project, and spent many years of our lives helping customers deliver on their overall solutions.


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