Equinix & Unitas IP Solution Brief

Equinix & Unitas IP Solution Brief

Unitas high-performance Internet Access is accessible with Equinix Network Edge devices. ECX Fabric customers can create a virtual connection over ECX Fabric to their network services ordered through Unitas from either their own ECX port or from a virtual device.

The Internet is changing. It is becoming more important than ever before as more business applications are being moved to the cloud or delivered as a SaaS model. This is changing how business operate, increased use of SaaS applications requires more bandwidth and better performing bandwidth. Users expect the same consistent high-performance experience they get with on-premise software or dedicated systems.

Whether transporting data, connecting subscribers, accessing workflows, or improving day-today collaboration, Unitas’ dedicated high-performance Internet Access services are designed for content and applications that require the highest level of performance and resiliency. Unitas’ unique combination of route-optimized transit and private peering offers a high-quality costefficient alternative to traditional public internet services and multi-homed networks.

Unitas has built its IP network (AS1828) by creating efficient direct peering connections with networks, SaaS providers, and content providers to ensure the best possible routing and quality control for our customers. Wherever possible, Unitas bypasses the traditional Tier 1 IP provider transport entirely, in order to deliver content and streaming media more efficiently for and between our customers. The result is that Internet traffic gets to its destination as fast as possible, over network that Unitas controls allowing stringent Service Level Agreement (SLA) that guarantee the route and available bandwidth.

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