Equinix to convert Metronode data centres into 'campuses'

Equinix to convert Metronode data centres into 'campuses'

Australian managing director Jeremy Deutsch told iTnews there is likely to be “considerable” expansion of the existing Metronode footprint...

Equinix is hoping to convert some of the individual data centres it is buying from Metronode for $1 billion into “campuses” of data halls.

Australian managing director Jeremy Deutsch told iTnewsthere is likely to be “considerable” expansion of the existing Metronode footprint - which numbers 10 data centres - “over the next few years.”

Deutsch will speak at the upcoming Cloud & DC Edge 2018 in March, which is co-organised by ADAPT Ventures and iTnews.

The planned growth will be facilitated in part by Metronode’s sizable land holdings - a key asset highlighted by Equinix in its acquisition announcement.

“One of the things that was very complementary for us with the Metronode acquisition is that they have acquired a large amount of land over the years in various markets,” Deutsch said.

“That land gives us the opportunity to scale out over time.

“We do expect that there’s going to be further opportunity to expand these facilities quite considerably over the next few years.”

One of the options on the table is to build out Metronode’s Sydney and Melbourne data centres as campuses, meaning Equinix would have two campus-style environments in each city.

Pre-acquisition, Equinix Australia runs a campus for four data centres south of the Sydney CBD (SY1-4) and also has a Melbourne campus known as ME1.

“When you look at Sydney and Melbourne we did have people coming to us asking for more than one campus environment in those two markets,” Deutsch said.

“So in Sydney and Melbourne where we have a clustered campus we now have second sites - and second campuses we hope over time - to make sure we can scale our customers across primary and secondary environments if they want them in the same metro.

“So really this was a very synergistic acquisition for us and a very complementary footprint for our [existing] campuses.”

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