Equinix Customer Success Story - OpenDNS

Network security innovator OpenDNS leverages Platform Equinix™ to deliver non-stop, low latency service processing 50 billion daily DNS queries for 50 million users worldwide

Executive Overview

OpenDNS is focused on inventing new methodologies to eradicate malware, botnets, and phishing through the Domain Name System (DNS). By leveraging 10 Equinix data centers worldwide, the OpenDNS Global Network ably fields more than two percent of the world’s Internet requests daily with 100% uptime. In addition to partnering with Equinix for reliable data center operations, OpenDNS also appreciates the ease with which it can peer with the more than 975 network providers within Platform Equinix.

The number and diversity of Equinix data center locations helps ensure that OpenDNS’s own DNS servers are as close to its customers as possible in order to enable low latency connections and rapid response to DNS queries. As a result, by distributing the nodes of the OpenDNS Global Network around the world, the impact of being targeted by denial of service (DoS) attacks are mitigated which keeps service uptimes close to 100%.

The Customer

Launched in 2006, OpenDNS has built the world’s fastest and most reliable DNS service and introduced a unique set of Internet security innovations that complement the conventional perimeter security solutions deployed by businesses. OpenDNS now delivers security to more than 50 million users from 160 countries, processing about 50 billion Internet requests each day through 23 data center locations worldwide.

As it expanded, the company realized that the sheer volume of traffic it was tracking gave it an unprecedented advantage to stay ahead of advanced attacks. Automated analysis of this data could generate valuable insight into Internet attacks, forming the basis of a unique service that could protect their customers by filtering out malware before it caused damage. In 2012, OpenDNS launched its flagship enterprise security platform, Umbrella, which now serves more than 10,000 customers worldwide.

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