Design a resilient cloud strategy with Seagate and Equinix

Design a resilient cloud strategy with Seagate and Equinix

Ravi Naik, EVP and CIO at Seagate, and Milind Wagle, CIO at Equinix, discuss the CIO’s role in enabling business strategy, the future of multi-cloud infrastructure, and share valuable insights and best practices for successful cloud migration, and much more.

“IT is like oxygen – it’s expected to always be there. If you take oxygen out, you know what happens. That’s really how I view information technology of today. The future is where technology is ubiquitous. It is easy to use and it works, and no one knows that it even exists. That’s really a good IT organization.” – Ravi Naik

“You have to start with what makes sense for your workload… You have to fundamentally design your stack, evolve your stack, and adopt your hybrid multi-cloud strategy, because chances are that all the capabilities you’re going to either build for your employees, customers, or your partners who are globally distributed – will require you to compose that experience across multiple applications or multiple data stores.” – Milind Wagle

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