DDoS Protection from a scrubbing center provider

"DDoS Protection from a scrubbing center provider? - NO, thank you! - I don't want to move my infrastructure in this lifetime, nor the next!"

Voxility’s solution against DDoS attacks was built to redefine DDoS Protection delivery with a focus to address Internet Service Providers and Cloud & Hosting Providers concerns and questions.

I run a posy of wholehearted people in sales traveling the world looking to connect with companies operating their own AS numbers and networks. No AdWords, no remarketing, just good old fashioned direct sells.

This way enables us to discover routing & switching concerns, online identity questions and network issues:

  • “I do not want to move my servers to get protected”
  • “I have my own AS number and IPs and I do not want to change them”
  • “Latency is crucial for my customers and I need my traffic to stay locally in Germany due to local regulations”
  • “Non-stop advertisement of my IPs to the DDoS Provider? No way. I cannot work like this”

Nowadays there are great DDoS Protection solutions for websites, online platforms & financial services. But how about questions above and solutions for medium & large networks operators?

Deploying an on-site - hardware based - solutions seems always a good idea, but a costly one, and it doesn’t offer any guarantees for instant scalability and “no limit” protection. Deploying 1 x 10Gbps, 2 x 10Gbps or 4 x 10Gbps appliances doesn’t reflect the DDoS scenery of 2016 where everything we see is bigger, larger, and angrier.

At Voxility – we don’t do magic – we just do things which work. We leverage more than 1100 global peers to provide huge upstream capacity mandatory to collect DDoS attacks of any type, any size, and any frequency. We use GRE tunneling, anycast, BGP communities, ACLs and open infrastructure policies deployed globally over 12 scrubbing centers to create an ideal operating mode for the ISPs.

So, clients get to keep infrastructure in place, choose from several ways to connect to Voxility network, setup a regular BGP with their AS numbers and advertise their own IPs targeted with DDoS attacks only on-demand. Kind of cool, no?

Maybe I'll change the topic to:

"DDoS Protection from a scrubbing center provider? - Where do I sign?"

Global IaaS provider with strong capabilities to become the choice partner for leading companies around the world, through: 22 best-connected datacenters, top-notch DDoS mitigation up to 1 Tbps+Protection, anycast, global private networks, huge bandwidth availability, open infrastructure, hardware-as-a-service and 24/7 support.
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