Cyark Simplifies World Cultural Heritage Recording and Archival with Seagate

CyArk is on a mission to digitally document, archive, and share the world’s cultural heritage. With Seagate® Lyve™ Cloud, they can manage, access, and share its massive data project library more efficiently.

CyArk is a nonprofit organization dedicated to digitally capturing the world's most significant cultural heritage sites. CyArk overcame significant data management challenges, which arose as a result of its newly adopted remote work setting and the global growth of its team, by moving all its data from on-prem servers to Seagate’s Lyve Cloud. This boosted productivity, saved staff time, and provided employees, heritage site managers, historians, researchers, and educators with immediate, secure, and complete access to their huge data sets.


Download the Case Study to learn how Lyve Cloud helps Cyark simplify digital preservation of cultural heritage.

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