Content & Media Case Study: Brightroll

Content & Media Case Study: Brightroll

PDF download: See how a leading video advertising platform builds the world’s fastest real-time bidding exchange for video ads on Platform Equinix™, slashing network latency by 80% and increasing successful bids by 48%.

Executive Overview

BrightRoll wanted to build the world’s fastest real-time bidding (RTB) solution for digital video advertising, a business in which milliseconds make the difference between a completed transaction and a missed opportunity. The company expanded its technology infrastructure by locating its video ad exchange in Equinix data centers and interconnecting directly to exchange participants to circumvent the public Internet. This significantly reduced latency and improved matched transactions on the exchange, increasing business opportunities and revenues for all participants.

The Customer

BrightRoll operates the world’s largest independent video advertising platform, powering digital video advertising for the world’s largest brands, including 90% of the top 50 U.S. advertisers and 17 of the top 20 advertising technology companies.

Business Challenge

Real-time bidders must analyze advertising opportunities and submit bids within a mere 100 milliseconds (0.10 seconds), according to Forrester Research. The faster bidding happens, the higher the likelihood that ad buyers and sellers will find a match. This translates into higher transaction volumes, which in turn delivers higher revenue for ad sellers and greater business opportunities for ad buyers.

Despite the extreme time sensitivity of the RTB process, many exchanges still use the Internet to conduct transactions. This results in unpredictable lag times, or latency, in the time required for information to travel from the ad exchange to the bidder and back. Spikes in Internet latency, which happen often and erratically, can cripple an ad exchange because the delays prevent buyers from making timely bids on available ads. Latency, for an RTB exchange, means lost business and revenue.

For these reasons, BrightRoll wanted to create an RTB solution for digital video ads that minimizes data latency between bidders and the exchange. By slashing the time data spends in transit, BrightRoll gives prospective ad buyers precious additional milliseconds to match available ad inventory with their customer targets, thus boosting advertising ROI.

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