Connecting the New Digital Media Ecosystem

Internet delivery and cloud hosting has transformed all aspects of content and media value chain, impacting how content is created, managed and delivered. Consumers now demand content on any device at any time, regardless of the network they are using.

Cloud services are being quickly adopted worldwide, and Equinix leads the way in making the cloud an easier place to do business, offeringreliability, safety, control and security with over 500 cloud providers and more than 1,150 network service providers.

To meet the unique needs of the media and entertainment (M&E) industry, Equinix has created the  Equinix Media Cloud Ecosystem for Entertainment (EMCEE™) — a solution that leverages Platform Equinix™, our global facilities and the software defined network (SDN) provisioning power of the Equinix Cloud Exchange™.
With the EMCEE, entertainment companies benefit from partner ecosystems available in the Equinix Cloud Exchange ecosystem, and the on-demand, low-latency, high-bandwidth interconnections built between these entities on a production-by-production basis.

Equinix (Nasdaq: EQIX) is the world's digital infrastructure company, enabling digital leaders to harness a trusted platform to bring together and interconnect the foundational infrastructure that powers their success. Equinix operates a global interconnection platform of more than 200 International Business Exchange™ (IBX®) data centers in 63 metros across 26 countries.
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