Cloud to Internet Access in Days Via ECX

Cloud to Internet Access in Days Via ECX

In need of Internet access, our client used the Unitas Cloud Connectivity Manager (CCM) accessed from the ECX Customer Portal to price and order the Internet access they needed with ease and efficiency. The entire sales process was completed online.

Cloud has changed expectations for how IT infrastructure and services are deployed. Today, companies move at a digital speed and expect the ability to deploy network services where and when needed. To simplify the process of deploying IP services to the cloud, Unitas provides real time pricing and ordering of internet access for on-demand port-to-port connections.


How fast is digital speed?  For an international supplier of equipment and services to global freight transportation markets, it was 3 days to connect its virtual private cloud on AWS to the Internet using Unitas IP services and Equinix Network Edge.

In need of Internet access, this client used Unitas Cloud Connectivity Manager (CCM) accessed from the ECX Customer Portal to price 1GigE of Internet Access.  From there, the client was able to order the Internet access they needed with ease and efficiency, the entire sales process completed online.

The steps are easy:

  1. Quote – Click through to CCM portal and select your region, bandwidth, and term to receive real-time Internet access pricing
  2. Order – When you have the quote, you can place your order immediately, right in CCM
  3. Connect – after placing your order request your port connection to Unitas from your cloud exchange at your chosen location

Unitas operates a high-performance global IP backbone combining multi-homed access to Tier 1 providers with extensive peering with content and access networks. Our routing policies prioritize performance, with access to over 3,500 networks. Unitas IP service is compatible with Equinix Network Edge devices.


To price and order Unitas Internet Access from Equinix ECX locations, visit:

Unitas Global is a global managed network service provider offering automated ubiquitous edge access to any cloud, everywhere. The company provides the most agile connected multi-cloud environments that are easy-to-consume, fully managed, and backed by a promise to deliver the best application performance.