Case Study – YES Network

See how an American cable and satellite television network employed EPS Cloud to build an infrastructure for finding/using archived vintage video footage.


The sports broadcasting industry generates a tremendous amount of video footage every year, a fact that has created massive archives going back decades. As a leading regional player in this field, the YES Network needed to rapidly access such vintage footage for highlight shows and clips during games. Unfortunately, their on-premises legacy infrastructure could no longer deliver the required performance for finding and utilizing the massive amounts of archived footage. This limited the YES Network’s ability to remain competitive in the eyes of fans

Business Challenge

The YES Network had long relied on their on-premises legacy Playbook application, a custom application that enables the network to load and play videos, for their media files. Over time, the legacy technology accumulated large amounts of data which ultimately overwhelmed the system and delivered inadequate performance, particularly for large files with long run-time. The YES Network decided to move their Playbook application to the cloud, but needed the right partner to make it happen. They chose EPS Cloud.

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