Case Study: Network for Good Unleashes Generosity with OfficeWatch Telemanagement

When this nonprofit needed an enhanced call reporting tool to help them improve operations and manage employees, they asked their IT provider, CWPS, to recommend a solution that would provide critical analytics on call activity, communication trends, and voice network usage.

Network for Good is a social enterprise that empowers corporate partners and nonprofits to unleash generosity and advance charitable causes. In only 12 brief years, the organization has processed more than $890 million in donations for over 100,000 charities. When the nonprofit needed an enhanced call reporting tool to help them manage their sales and customer service teams, they asked their IT provider, CWPS, for a recommendation.

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The Challenge

"We were seeking to solve three problems: to improve the management of the sales team,. to provide statistics in customer support on how many calls were being answered v ersus going to voicemail, and to provide accountability to our partners and show them the call volume we were receiving from their donors," described Steven Turner, Cheif Technical Officer with Network for Good. "We have been working with CWPS for over 4 yeras, and I consider them to be a trusted partner, They understand what we are doing and our limitations they strive to offer a powerful solution at a reasonable price."

CWPS, located in Washington DC, is one of the region’s premier technology partners and a leading Cisco and Metropolis reseller. Curtis Joachim, CWPS Key Account Manager, works closely with Turner to manage their Cisco voice network. “Network for Good relies on us to overcome their IT challenges. They needed advanced call reporting and the ability to run automatic, customized reports that would be emailed to them daily. I recommended OfficeWatch Telemanagement. It’s a simple product that is easy to understand for the end user, easy to deploy, and integrates with their Cisco Call Manager.

The Solution 

OfficeWatch Telemanagement helps businesses improve their operations and manage their employees by providing critical analytics on call activity, communication trends, and voice network usage. The advanced reporting package includes over 200 preset report templates plus DNIS call tracking, which allows Network for Good to identify the inbound call traffic derived from their various 800 donor numbers and provide campaign feedback to their charity partners. Each department manager was set up to automatically receive scheduled emailed reports for his or her department. In addition, they were also assigned individual passwords that granted them access to run additional reports on demand.

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