Case Study – Mimeo

See how Mimeo boosts annual revenue by $8 million with cloud-based integration designed by EPS Cloud using Microsoft Azure.


Mimeo’s primary services had included printing documents like presentations, brochures and catalogs. However, when a new customer asked Mimeo to handle a high volume of business documents, such as purchase orders, using the electronic data interchange (EDI) standard, Mimeo needed a platform to keep up with the increased demand. It also wanted a solution that could streamline what was a cumbersome multiple client management process. In addition to its scalability and integration requirements, it needed a solution that it could deploy quickly with minimal investment in infrastructure. Mimeo turned to Microsoft partner EPS Cloud, a specialist in integration and cloud computing, to help design a new solution for its unique needs.

Business Challenge

When a Fortune Global 500 company wanted to submit jobs for a high volume of business documents like purchase orders, the jobs would be submitted using EDI, increasing Mimeo’s workload during peak periods from approximately 1,000 orders to 15,000 orders. To take on the project, Mimeo needed to quickly find a more scalable solution.

Mimeo also wanted to simplify integration. Its EDI customers, known as trading partners, worked with a variety of data formats and technologies. As a result, Mimeo developers needed to build a separate integration interface for each new client. Eventually, a full-time developer was required to maintain a dozen individual interfaces.

Mimeo would also need the scalability and integration solution deployed quickly, with little investment in its infrastructure. With the new contract, the company estimated that 90 percent of its revenue would come in over a 30-day period and did not want to buy additional bandwidth, servers and storage needed for that short time frame.

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