Case Study – Legal Services Firm’s Cloud Divestiture

See how a legal services firm spun off from its corporate parent employed EPS Cloud to transform into a powerful cloud-enabled organization.

Overview/Executive Summary

The legal services firm was initially established to provide its corporate parent with operational services in the area of data analytics, integration and reporting. Recognizing a market opportunity for these services, the parent company created a spinoff business unit that could also serve external customers. The shift required the firm to have its own network, IT systems and applications which had to be built from scratch, on an aggressive timetable.

Business Challenge

Driven by their new corporate goals, the firm needed to create an all-new, separate IT infrastructure utilizing as little on-premises space as possible. One proposed solution was to migrate to the cloud, but neither the firm nor the parent company had cloud expertise. Therefore, the firm chose EPS Cloud to transform them into an agile, cloud-enabled organization that would meet the strict business requirements in the fastest time possible.

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EPS Cloud specializes in migrating line of business applications to the cloud, custom application development and application integration. By continually providing superior cloud solutions to satisfy business objectives, simplify IT management, meet security and compliance requirements, EPS Cloud is today a trusted partner to CIOs of some of the world’s largest organizations.