Case Study: Gamers and Latency

Case Study: Gamers and Latency

Zenlayer, a services provider, has partnered with Equinix to offer a global, ultra-low latency (<20 ms response times) and reliable network that gives the players same experience every time, in every market.

A global gaming company based in the Asia-Pacific region wanted to expand in Brazil and give their users both lower latency and more reliable connections to their game servers. Zenlayer’s complete solution for the Client included Platform Equinix®, a global platform that allowed the Client to directly and securely interconnect their players, locations, clouds and data in Brazil. 

Zenlayer provided 250 bare metal servers at a local International Business Exchange™ (IBX®) data center in São Paulo, local IP transit with Brazilian carriers via the Equinix Internet Exchange™ (IX) portal, and dedicated connections among their global PoPs. The cost? 25% lower than the Client had previously been paying for comparable services. Even better, a 15% reduction in latency during peak hours translated directly into higher customer satisfaction and greater participation on their platform due to positive reviews and word of mouth.

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