Case Study: Data Center Cloud Consolidation - D+M Group

Migrating 15 physical data centers into three private clouds allows D+M Group to effectively reach customers, increase service levels and take advantage of new business opportunities.

Creating a single, efficient IT organization from a number of disparate entities and IT departments was a daunting challenge. At first D+M Group approached CDW to help solely with a network performance issue. However, after seeing CDW’s capabilities, it became clear that the firm could help with the most challenging issue of all: understanding exactly what was out there and how it could be consolidated and run more efficiently in the cloud.

CDW’s network assessment analyzed the entire network, including hardware and network traffic. CDW then provided a strategy for phasing out old nonperforming legacy equipment and phasing in new hardware and a more effective network design to prepare D+M Group for the mobile and other technologies of 21st century computing.

Impressed with the results, DM contracted with CDW to undertake an asset management and virtualization assessment as well to provide Jackson with the information he would need to move to the cloud. “#ey gave us a comprehensive report on what was physical; what was virtual; what was running on what; how new or old it was; how it was used; and what it cost to power, manage and cool,” says John Jackson, vice president, Global Infrastructure and Procurement at D+M Group. “#en they helped us harness all that information to devise a sound strategy for moving to the cloud.”

CDW’s comprehensive assessment was essential for a smooth virtualization and cloud transition, but even more valuable perhaps was CDW’s suggestion that D+M consider Datapipe as its cloud provider.

“We knew Datapipe had data centers in the U.S. and Hong Kong, which would work well for them,” says Sander Campbell, CDW account manager. “We also knew that the provider was nimble and flexible enough to work with an organization like D+M Group. We were confident Datapipe would be a great partner.”

Sander tapped Eric Ludwig, CDW solution architect and cloud team lead, to vet a number of vendor partners for scope and pricing. “Datapipe stood out from the rest of the partners due to their high touch, global scope and financial offering,” Ludwig says. “#ey responded quickly, which is indicative of their overall approach to D+M and customer service.”

“It was a perfect match,” says Jackson. “I was skeptical at first, but very quickly it became apparent that Datapipe’s expertise and flexibility were exactly what we needed. CDW turned out to be a very effective dating service that led to a very happy marriage.”