Case Study – Benchmark Builders, Inc

See how a construction company improves productivity with a cloud-based line of business applications designed, built and implemented by EPS Cloud.


Benchmark was using two separate, off-the-shelf solutions (one desktop and one web-based) that had been standardized for the construction industry. Combining the two applications was an ongoing challenge, frequently complicating reporting and sometimes threatening to compromise service delivery.

Business Challenge

  • Issues with the current system included patches and updates for the desktop software, as well as permission and data entry issues related to the web-based software. And even with two programs, storage was a challenge, as some data ended up outside both systems.
  • As a result, the Benchmark team spent a considerable amount of time navigating through the applications, often having to re-enter and re-select job specifics, since the solutions could not always store and reproduce data and selections from one screen to the next.
  • To enhance business productivity, Benchmark reached out to EPS Cloud for assistance.

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