Buyer’s Checklist for CDN – 6 Questions You Must Ask

Identifying the right business drivers and evolving technology needs in your company is key to selecting the right provider. It’s certainly not a one size fits all.

How many times have you heard that content is king? If you’re in the content creation business, probably more times than you care to remember. But if you can’t get your content to your audience in a timely fashion, your king has just been dethroned.

For the enterprise, content isn’t necessarily a shareable news story or a viral video. Due to the ubiquity of the Internet, your web resources are the face of your company to the world and your business-critical applications house the content that your employees, customers and partners need every day. Those resources and applications are your crown jewels.

Enterprises today are spending millions of dollars to ensure that their end users have the best possible web experiences. Research shows that the quality of an end-user experience has a direct bearing on revenue generation, adoption rates, customer retention, and even productivity.

That’s why the Content Delivery Network (CDN) market is on the rise. The CDN market today overwhelms buyers with choices. With more than 40 different service providers to pick from – the last time we counted, anyway – IT decision makers need to ask themselves a few key questions before deciding which service provider offers the best fit.

75% of those who have a poor web experience go straight to a competitor’s site!  – Dynatrace

CDN purchase decisions are critical. And they can get tricky! There are commodity CDNs that offer dirt cheap pricing for basic caching functionality. And then there are others that offer high-end dynamic site acceleration solutions for enterprise customers.

Many buyers make their decisions based on price and performance alone. While there is nothing wrong with those being the primary criteria for decision-making, there are a number of other factors that need to be considered, including, but not limited to, flexibility, customization capabilities, security, support and relevance. The use case requirements vary among performance, asset delivery, volume, footprint and budget, to name a few.

Owing to the vast number of alternatives in the market place, buyers make a complex feature-price-performance trade off to justify the ROI.   Reviewing benchmarks, datasheets, performance briefs and claims by vendors, getting into performance and reliability trials, are all part of the evaluation process. Identifying the right business drivers and evolving technology needs in your company is key to selecting the right provider. It’s certainly not a one size fits all.

Read the complete blog and you’ll be confident in the CDN you choose, since you’ve taken the time to make sure it aligns with your specific business.

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