Business Continuity Meets Mass Data Activation

Business Continuity Meets Mass Data Activation

Enterprises need a secure, long-term backup solution with predictable economics that enables timely access for retrieval of their data. This solution must also offer backup data analytics and storage optimization, as well as governance and security that improves compliance and supports business continuity. Together, Lyve Cloud and Commvault deliver a secure, long term backup solution that activates data, assures business continuity, and reduces TCO.

Lyve™ Cloud with Commvault® leverages more than four decades of industry-leading data storage capabilities to offer a simple, trusted, and efficient on-demand storage solution. This easy-to-use joint solution from Seagate® and Commvault provides centralized access and fast data retrieval. By offering enterprises a holistic view of all their data, Lyve Cloud with Commvault can improve data management and governance while increasing security for better compliance. A secure storage environment that prioritizes protection against data loss and ransomware attacks, this joint solution optimizes data and reduces the total cost of ownership (TCO) for storage and backup data management.

Lyve Cloud with Commvault include benefits such as:

  • Frictionless Cloud Data Experience: Utilize rich data management capabilities to seamlessly move backups to a highly scalable, S3-compatible cloud storage platform with always-on availability.
  • Predictable Cloud Economics and lower TCO: Backup and move data sans API charges and egress fees to eliminate lock-in and reduce storage TCO. Lyve Cloud offers a scalable data management platform with long-term cost predictability that easily adapts to customers’ evolving storage needs.
  • Improved Compliance and Data Security: Easily respond to compliance requests and rest assured that all data transferred, stored, and managed is secured. Lyve Cloud with Commvault offers protection against ransomware attacks and other security threats.
  • Business Continuity: Keep your business moving forward in the event of primary data failure using Lyve Cloud’s S3 cloud storage air gapping and backup immutability. Lyve Cloud with Commvault leverages multi-regional availability for fast data restores and disaster recovery whenever the need arises.

To learn more, visit our Seagate + Commvault Partner Page for more details.

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