Bot Baseline 2016-2017 | Fraud in Digital Advertising

Bot Baseline 2016-2017 | Fraud in Digital Advertising

"a headline of this new research might be 'The War on Digital Ad Fraud Is Winnable!' for those who pay attention and set proper controls"

White Ops and ANA have partnered to measure bot fraud in the digital advertising ecosystem. In this latest study, 49 ANA member companies participated. Their digital advertising activity between October 2016 and January 2017 was analyzed, with the concentration of activity in November and December.

Measurements of fraud in the global marketplace are derived from White Ops’s platform customers with calibration from ANA study participant data where needed for granularity and financial loss estimation.

In the report, you will find:

  • Baseline measurements of Sophisticated Invalid Traffic (SIVT), which does not include traffic which was blocked in a pre-bid fashion, social media, or direct marketing
  • Practices related to the detection and prevention of digital advertising fraud 
  • Recommendations on best practices used by top performers to achieve impressive results

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