BLOG: Why Great Data Needs a Quality Enterprise Platform

BLOG: Why Great Data Needs a Quality Enterprise Platform

Great market data demands quality. Read why Thomson Reuters Platform does more than manage market data for our customers and how it responds to their business needs.

Good quality data is essential, but so too is the commitment and expertise of a high-quality enterprise platform if businesses are to achieve their goals.

In today’s increasingly complex technological and algorithmic landscape, the difference between good data and bad data is the difference between alpha or no alpha, profit or loss, success or failure.

Discover how Thomson Reuters Elektron Data Platform delivers the data you need to make smarter trading and investment decisions

So having access to the best possible quality data is absolutely essential to succeed and compete. But (and it’s a big but), data is only half the story.

Just as important is how it’s structured, managed, distributed, delivered and transformed. And for that, you need an equally high-quality and reliable platform.

What makes up a value driven platform?

Platform to success

In many ways, your enterprise application platform is the glue that holds your business together. By that, I mean it’s at the heart of everything and is everywhere your business needs to be.

For example, it’s your platform that brings greater visibility and understanding of even your most complex data. It’s your platform that allows you to take control and distribute data to where it’s needed, so you can execute on it, from wherever.

It’s your platform that integrates your applications and brings together and connects multiple workflows. And it’s your platform that reduces costs, and helps your people work more efficiently and make better decisions, faster.

Ultimately, it’s what enables you to achieve success.

Keeping pace with change

We hear all the time that ‘change is the new constant’, but it’s not so much the idea of change itself that causes sleepless nights for CEOs, CIOs, Heads of Market Data and developers.

No, it’s more likely the pace of change, and with it, another evolutionary step in the direction of increasingly complex and interconnected systems. So how can you keep up with it (and on top of it), without feeling swamped?

Personally, I think it’s about having trust in your platform, and complete confidence that the name behind it is both established and in it for the long term.

Thomson Reuters Elektron Data Platform

Market-leading platform

“I do” — nothing says commitment like these two words. And in the case of enterprise application platforms, I want our customers to know nothing says commitment like ‘Thomson Reuters’.

Why? Because we’re dedicated to enhancing, fine-tuning and evolving the Thomson Reuters Enterprise Platform (TREP) in line with the needs of customers.

It means our clients can rely on our enterprise platform to run 1000s of applications around the world that enable them to do business. Put another way, we’re committed to ensuring TREP remains the market-leading enterprise platform for the financial services industry.

Meeting business objectives

But TREP is so much more than just an aggregation or distribution platform.

It’s an integration platform, an eco-system where you can bring different external data sets and your own proprietary data together, and transform, control and administer its use all around your firm.

And it’s not just about having access to data. It’s about being able to do something useful with it in line with your business objectives.

For example, providing access to multiple sources of data through one API to power market-making applications that reduce risk and drive efficiencies, speeding up time to market.

Or leveraging the years of development that’s gone into TREP to make sure it’s a stable, trusted platform.

One that reduces operational downtime, and helps ensure you’re ready for business every day. In short, TREP helps power the business you do globally.

A simpler life for developers

TREP also ticks the box for developers. Our APIs are open so can receive data from many sources, applications and users.

One consistent set of APIs not only provides hundreds of exchanges and thousands of other data sources from Thomson Reuters, but also lets you combine them with your own or third party data — and extensive re-use of your application code and data models.

So your developers can be more agile, respond quickly to business needs and build solutions, all while integrating constantly changing and growing data sources.

Developers can join thousands of users in our online developer community to discover and learn how to work with our data, ask questions and discuss technical topics with other developers.

Plus, they can access sample code and ideas, and attend online webinars and tutorials – all of which help them do their job quickly and effectively.

Thomson Reuters Elektron Data Platform

Discover how Thomson Reuters Elektron Data Platform delivers the data you need to make smarter trading and investment decisions

Compliance and entitlement

Regulation has never been more prevalent, and compliance never more challenging.

TREP enables you to record identification information of anyone posting, publishing or inserting data on the platform.

Our recently released Authentication Framework allows you to integrate our platform entitlements with your firm’s authentication methods, more tightly. Tagging data in this way increases reliability and transparency, helping you meet your regulatory and compliance needs.

TREP’s entitlement capabilities clarify who isn’t using the system, allow you to temporarily turn off their access, and can even automatically turn their access back on when they next make a request for data.

This saves you money and time by automating the entitlement process.

Thomson Reuters Elektron Data Platform Delivery

As you can see, these things aren’t just about managing data. They’re about empowering you to transform it in a way that drives your business and drives growth. And that’s essentially what TREP is — an engine that propels your business forward.

Thomson Reuters Enterprise Platform is the industry’s most powerful software for distributing streaming market data. It’s available as standalone software, deployed on site, or fully hosted and managed by Thomson Reuters.

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