BLOG: Keeping pace with the big data explosion

BLOG: Keeping pace with the big data explosion

Data managed services come in all sizes, from in-house to fully-managed. Tricia San Cristobal, Head of Enterprise Platform and Elektron as a Service Propositions Thomson Reuters tells us how with Elektron you can find the right fit for all your market data.

The more data we have, the more insight we can derive from it. But how many financial organizations can say they are taking full advantage?

We all know we’re living in the age of big data. US financial markets for example produce around 50 billion data points per day.

It’s helping to predict what’s around the corner and helping us to spot opportunities sooner. However, it’s likely that as little as 0.5% of this data is ever analyzed or put to use.

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To do so, relies on businesses having the right systems to handle it all.

In the past, firms could predict, with some degree of accuracy, how quickly their data requirements would change. But today, the pace of change is unprecedented, placing enormous demands on systems, resources and budgets.

Opportunities missed

Managing critical in-house systems to keep on top of this change is time and resource consuming. It leaves internal teams with little opportunity to implement technology that addresses new business requirements.

Also, as the pace of change increases, budget cycles lag behind, preventing the business from deploying solutions to address new opportunities.

Combined, this can mean that instead of technology being an enabler, it actually becomes a bottleneck, choking innovation and stifling opportunity.

So if in our changing world, spending time and resources on managing systems to keep up with this pace doesn’t appear to be the answer, what is?

Elektron as a Service

With 150 years’ experience of living and breathing data and systems, and an unparalleled understanding of our clients’ businesses, finding a solution to help our clients optimize their data management was one of the challenges Thomson Reuters set out to answer.

We believe we are in a unique position to manage our customers’ data and systems for them, freeing in-house teams to provide the agility, speed and innovation that their businesses demand.

As part of our Elektron Data Platform, we have created Elektron as a Service.

It means we run your data management, leaving you to focus on the core objectives of the business such as pushing for growth, increasing flexibility and driving value.

We build a dedicated team of experts to look after your data and systems, ensuring rapid and reliable access to trading data from over 400 markets.

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Predictable costs

With our open approach to technology — ecosystems, platforms and services — we can make sure your business benefits from the latest fintech innovations.

And because we already have intimate knowledge of our customers’ businesses, we can anticipate your requirements to stay in lock step with your changing needs.

Finally, our commercial terms mean that extraordinary capital expenditure no longer places pressure on budgets, so costs become more predictable and smoothed across the budget cycle.

Adaptable approach

Elektron as a Service can be adapted to the specific needs of your business:

  • The in-house model

A dedicated team manages your critical systems, both at your premises and remotely. We make sure you stay up-to-date and fully integrated; ensuring maximum effectiveness within your deployed solution.

  • The hybrid model

You retain parts of your core system in-house, but some elements are moved to our external data management platform — increasing your agility and the ability for your technology to respond to changing needs at speed.

  • The fully managed model

All your platform services are made available from our end-to-end data management solution. As data volumes increase, your services can rapidly scale to take advantage of new opportunities and innovations.

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Flexibility and value

Elektron as a Service means you can focus on driving growth, flexibility and value — essentials in any truly data-driven business.

By taking a service approach to your data management, marketplace news and feeds, Thomson Reuters will continue to supply you with the transformative tools and solutions that empower your business.

That will help you maintain your market edge, today and on into the future.

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