Big Data Analytics – How to effectively manage your data

Essentially, Big Data is just another type of information which needs to be analysed, sorted and made sense of to bring value to your business and provide a level of actionable intelligence.

The increase in Internet of Things and the rise in popularity of cloud computing have had a significant impact on the level of data that is captured and stored every day. In fact, the term ‘big data’ was added to the Oxford Dictionary in 2013. Essentially though, Big Data is just another type of information which needs to be analysed, sorted and made sense of to bring value to your business and provide a level of actionable intelligence.

Make intelligent business decisions and grow your business with the right analytics platform 

Historically, Business Intelligence (BI) strategies was reserved for large organisations with the big budgets to match. Analytics was used to gain insight into new markets and upcoming trends by examining past performance and past data.

Big Data Analytics is fast becoming part of a Business Intelligence strategy that gives businesses the opportunity to analyse real time information from both structured and unstructured data, which in turn enables companies to make changes across the board in real-time. 

The increase in demand for Big Data software, either to complement existing Business Intelligence (BI) applications or as a stand alone product, has been greatly anticipated. The questions many businesses now need to ask themselves are:

  • How is Big Data software going to benefit my business?
  • Do I have the skills within my business to reap the awards of this investment?

Choosing the right analytics platform for your business

The benefits and insights that you can gain from the wealth of information that’s tied up in your data, as well as the ability to visualise your data, is very empowering. However, to use big data to improve the way you do business, requires you to have the right solution in place. The market has recently become flooded with platforms offering real-time analytics for both structured and unstructured data sets, but how do you determine which one will be right for you?

Large enterprises with big teams of analysts behind them will be readily able to implement a full Business Intelligence strategy that will be able to easily influence crucial business decisions. However, for smaller enterprises that are new to data analysis, or don’t have the capabilities in-house to capture and analyse data, it is worth considering using a service provider. The service provider will be able to advise on the best platform to use, and because you are buying a service you will be able to take advantage of new tools and technologies as and when they become available. Using an interface that can present your data in a format that is easy to navigate and understand will help your business make key decisions quickly and enable you to build a foundation to grow your business from.

Platforms like Zizo, have been created to assist businesses in analysing their data in a user friendly, flexible interface that requires no hardware or software.

Companies are getting more advanced in the way they manage and integrate data, and with new technology, like Zizo’s pattern database, that can go beyond the limits of RAM, whilst offering fast access to quantities of data that were not previously available without significant investment are very appealing.

Big Data is showing no signs of slowing down or going away.  Tapping into new data sources, capturing and analysing every click that’s made online, as well as the increase in intelligent machines and the data that this will produce will only make data analytics more essential in helping businesses streamline and optimise how they perform in the future. 

Please contact one of our experts to find out how Redcello can help you find the right analytics solution for your business. 

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