An Entire Financial Infrastructure Solution? All You Need is a Single Cross Connect

Lucera and Perseus's partnership creates an unprecedented value stack to financial institutions connecting to existing and new clients.

Capitalizing on the latest advances in software-defined networking (SDN) and network functions virtualization (NFV), Lucera and Perseus have partnered to create a powerful, agile infrastructure for delivering managed services to financial institutions around the world. Underlying this infrastructure, Intel® architecture based processors and network components provide a solid hardware foundation for building a virtualized SDN/NFV environment.

The characteristics of this type of network environment include support for self-provisioning, single-point network control, low-latency connectivity, interoperability with a wide range of open-source ingredients, and proven reliability.

Lucera offers an infrastructure-as-service (IaaS) framework and software defined wide-area network (SD-WAN) capabilities aligned with financial service requirements. This offering complements the worldwide managed services Perseus provides for delivering high-precision, high-speed connectivity with exceptional service continuity to all major liquidity centers around the globe.

This paper explores the ways in which the expertise of Lucera, Perseus, and Intel enables financial service institutions to increase return on investment (ROI), enter new markets rapidly, introduce new services easily, and deliver on-demand connectivity and responsive performance to their customers globally.

Lucera originally evolved from a high frequency team that was increasingly unhappy with the existing FX electronic trading process. Inconsistent fill rates and latency issues led to a craving for an entirely better system. So, we created it.