5 Common Myths about WAN Optimization that Slow your Business

Here are the top 5 myths about WAN Optimization, along with the reality.

In 2008, implementing WAN Optimization quickly became one of the top 5 IT goals, with huge budget allocations set aside to support those deployments. The leading provider back then was Riverbed, and it saw its revenues grow from $2.5M in 2004 to $333M in 2009. ROI calculations and related payback periods on bandwidth savings were measured in months, and all organizations with a global footprint paid close attention, studying this technology to determine how much money they would save by compressing the data traversing their WANs.

If you don’t work in IT for a company with multiple offices, you might not know much about WAN optimization. Traditional WAN optimization provided tremendous value through bandwidth reduction and by boosting application performance for chatty applications. For global customers, the need for a reliable private and lossless network was a key ingredient for this solution to work well across geographies.

Traditional WAN Optimization, however, was delivered as a high-cost symmetric appliance solution. Dedicated hardware was required at the home office and each branch, and deployment, maintenance, and management were all cumbersome and costly. As a result, WAN optimization was just too expensive for most of the market.

The mainstream adoption of cloud computing has changed that. Once a luxury addition only for the Fortune 5000, WAN Optimization is now an essential component of all IT strategy due to the growth of enterprise traffic, along with many new types of workloads and applications traversing the WAN.

WAN optimization appliances, once restricted in supply to a couple of vendors, are now available from multiple vendors and in various sizes and delivery formats. The market is rapidly innovating, and any time you see a market in flux, you’ll hear a lot of spin and hear vendors speaking of myths as if they were law.

At Aryaka, we believe in giving customers a solution that solves their problems, rather than tricking them into purchasing something they can’t afford and may not need. As we talk to potential customers, we hear a lot of misperceptions, spin, and blatant falsehoods. Here are the top 5 myths about WAN Optimization that we’ve heard lately, along with the reality.

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