18 years of CDN – From 1997 to 2014

$3.71 billion today. $12+ billion in the next 5 years. That is how MASSIVE the CDN Industry is today! 

$3.71 billion today. $12+ billion in the next 5 years.[1]

That is how MASSIVE the CDN Industry is today! Even more so, the industry is poised for an exponential growth trajectory.  CDN has arguably been the most influential technological development for enabling the modern Internet. CDNs deliver everything online from World Cup live streaming content to birthday videos shared on YouTube with extended family, not to mention  the enablement of access to key enterprise content and media assets. According to a recent survey commissioned by EMC; by 2020, we could be dealing with 44 TRILLION gigabytes of data, as against 4.4 trillion gigabytes in 2013[2]!

CDNs as we see them today, have gone through a long cycle of evolution; the first CDNs were built for a read-only web and therefore, worked with static content only, driving the explosion of rich media like images and graphics online. Many of these CDNs went out of business during the dot-com bubble burst of 2000-2002. Anticipating trends on the Internet as we know it today, CDNs also quickly moved to serve video and eventually dynamic content and applications, allowing content providers to distribute and then monetize online content as it started to replace traditional television and print media. It allowed enterprises to take advantage of the extensive availability of Internet capacity and web-based applications built for B2B business. Thereafter dynamic web application technologies grew in deployment and adoption while not compromising on delivery to global users.

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