Webinar - How to deploy Microsoft ExpressRoute

Webinar - How to deploy Microsoft ExpressRoute

Join Equinix and CoreAzure, to find out some practical advice and technology updates on the key ways of creating a hybrid cloud solution for your organisation. The technology we will cover includes Microsoft ExpressRoute, how it works, how it is deployed and the myriad of advantages it can deliver.

Learn how high-performance, secure and private access to Microsoft Azure delivers the benefits of Hybrid Cloud.

Join expert speakers from CoreAzure and our specialist connectivity partner, Equinix for a short webinar discussing the benefits of ExpressRoute connectivity to Microsoft Azure. The session will cover:

  • What is Microsoft ExpressRoute and how does it add value?
  • How enterprises deploy Microsoft ExpressRoute to provide a high-performance, private and secure connection between an on-premise or Private Cloud infrastructure and Microsoft Azure/Office 365.

We specialise in Microsoft Azure with an ability to maximise your existing investment in Microsoft technologies whilst realising your vision to adopt cloud.