TradeTech FX

TradeTech FX

As a trusted provider of global FX network connectivity, we’re really looking forward to joining the industry’s best at this years’ TradeTech FX event in Barcelona.

The event will gather 250 heads of FX trading and portfolio management from Europe’s leading buy side firms and 200 FX leaders from the rest of the value chain – regulators, sell side, trading platforms and technology partners.

The time of year is crucial with the MiFID II deadline looming in January 2018, and the event will be a good platform to explore the key challenges faced by FX traders, the various strategies in place to overcome them, and how technology can support these strategies.

Speaking about current challenges for FX traders, our CEO Michael Ourabah recently discussed how market makers can seek out new profit opportunities in the midst of an unfamiliar FX trading paradigm in FX-MM magazine, highlighting the number one priority over the coming year as identifying new emerging opportunities for FX trading.

Emerging regions have witnessed a boom in OTC FX derivatives trading – with turnover rising more than 40% since 2010 according to the Bank of International Settlement (BIS).

Singapore and Hong Kong have seen particularly strong trading activity in FX interest rates, with both regions accounting for half of the growth in OTC trading across emerging markets, which totals 33%.

With the growing appetite to trade emerging market currencies internationally, traders will need a reliable low-latency network to seamlessly reach new destinations. We recently included Singapore and Hong Kong in our low-latency FX trading network, providing derivative hungry market makers with unrivalled access to one of the most popular FX circuits in the world.

Keeping on top of developments in FX volatility, emerging profit-making opportunities and the approaching MiFID deadline is crucial for us to react and scale our network accordingly for our trading clients.

We look forward to being a part of the discussions at TradeTech FX in Barcelona and we hope to see you there at Booth 11!

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