Solving Your Restore Challenges

Solving Your Restore Challenges

Unleash secure, affordable, always-available data storage.

“We need an easy answer to store more data and harness its power without worrying about total cost of ownership, security, and data mobility.” That’s what we’re hearing from CIOs and with enterprise data expected to grow 42.2% annually between 2020 and 2022, those needs will only continue to intensify.

Join us on July 14, 2021 at 11:00 AM PDT for a Live Webinar session and find out how Seagate and Veritas are solving this challenge with a mass data backup solution that’s simple, affordable, and secure.

  • Learn how our intuitive, single-console solution enables your business to back up, manage, and recover petabytes of data—on demand, no delays.
  • We’ll show how our simple pricing structure and user-friendly dashboard join forces to eliminate bill anxiety and provide long-term visibility into data storage costs.
  • Your standards are high when it comes to data security and we value that. From attacks to corruption to accidental deletion, we’ll walk you through all the ways we work to help protect your data.
  • Discover how we enable data restores and disaster recovery in the cloud without costly delays and additional S3 storage charges.


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