Cloud Computing & Legacy Systems: Is the Insurance Industry Ready to Embrace the Age of the Cloud?

Join Equinix for this live webinar as our expert panel discusses the latest in cloud computing. 

Live Webinar on 11 November 2014,
11:00am Hong Kong/ Singapore (UTC + 8 hours)
12:00pm Japan (UTC + 9 hours)
2:00pm Australia (UTC + 11 hours)

Due to the large volumes, high velocity, and varied formats of big data held by insurance companies today, it is not always possible to keep it all in-house. However, many continue to have questions about whether storing their mission-critical data in the cloud is safe and secure, despite the proven savings and business advantages cloud computing can provide.

Our expert panel will discuss the latest in cloud computing including:

  • The benefits and implications to your business
  • Escalated risk: the warning signs and how to spot them
  • Insights from key insurance markets across the world
  • And more including a live Q&A session

Please forward to your colleagues or business associates if you think they would benefit from this free of charge webinar.

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photo credit: tsevis via photopin cc

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