CEO Michael Ourabah discuss the MEAPAC trading landscape alongside key exchanges in Dubai

CEO Michael Ourabah discuss the MEAPAC trading landscape alongside key exchanges in Dubai

Want direct access to the views of the world's key exchanges?

On the 22nd March 2018, our CEO and founder Michael Ourabah will feature on a panel discussion in Dubai alongside leading global exchanges INX, LME, TOCOM, CMEDGCX and SGX.

The Global Futures Symposium event in Dubai has been organised by Phillip Futures, a leading Asian brokerage and client of ours, with whom we enjoy taking part in events around the world, such as FOW Israel earlier this year.

The panel will focus on market developments in the Middle East and Asia and what traders should look out for. There will be a particular focus on the trading landscape in India, where there are concerns from the Indian government that investment is heading overseas rather than back into the Indian market.

Last year, Prime Minister Modi launched India’s GIFT City, allowing investors to legally trade offshore. New tax breaks by the government and revised restrictions around offshore trading, including the expiration of the ability to trade Nifty by August this year, are just some examples of recent market changes. These changes are now encouraging traders to move to GIFT City to trade on the DGCX, SGX and CME exchanges to name a few.

The panel members will cover the impact these regulations are having on their exchanges along with key advice for traders to help them navigate the evolving marketplace in the Middle East and India in particular. With direct access to the views of the world’s leading exchanges, this event is the place to be for key insights into this years’ trading activity.

Don’t miss out – come along and join the discussion.

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