ACORD Forum Asia 2015

Join Equinix’s James Maudslay for a roundtable discussion and networking session. Interact with industry thought leaders like keynotes Scott Anthony and Lucian Teo!

The ACORD Forum Asia returns to Singapore for the third year with a timely and relevant program.

Interact with industry thought leaders like keynotes Scott Anthony and Lucian Teo! 

Network with your peers from the Asia Pacific region. Share your challenges with experts from top companies known for their innovative strategies. Contribute to discussion about the future of the insurance industry and help influence its direction.

Join Equinix’s James Maudslay for networking sessions and a roundtable discussion focused on 5 key industry issues:

  • What impact will mass customisation of insurance policies have on the market? 
  • The use of analytics is growing rapidly. What opportunities and threats does this shift present to the market?
  • What impact will the use of ‘big data’ have on the insurance industry?
  • Will partnerships and ecosystems become vital components of the insurance market?
  • What changes must the market make to become “fit for the future”?
10:45 Refreshments
11:00 Challenge to Change James Maudslay, Global Head of Insurance, Equinix
11:15 Roundtable Discussions 1
12:00 Lunch & Networking (Sponsored by Equinix)
13:00 Summary & Afternoon Briefing

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