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Avelacom invests in its low latency network in the Middle East and Turkey

The latest network upgrades, new partnerships and connectivity solutions have been launched and aimed for the financial services companies, interested in the region’s capital markets   READ MORE +

Proprietary trading firms recognize the importance of enhancing their network capacity

Welcome to our latest Proprietary Trading Managers’ Insight Report, produced in partnership with Acuiti. This quarterly report is designed to provide senior executives at proprietary trading firms with a means of benchmarking sentiment, experiences and attitudes.   READ MORE +

Avelacom launches colocation and network services for Japan Exchange Group

Avelacom will provide trading participants with one-stop-shop connectivity solutions through JPX’s arrownet-Global partnership   READ MORE +

Avelacom partners with LDA Technologies to cut network hardware latency

Further reductions in latency sets new benchmarks for ultra-low latency wireless market data feeds from exchanges   READ MORE +

The power of six: Tapping into the benefits of Site Reliability Engineering

Now more than ever trading firms are under pressure to do more with less. Having the right strategic technology partner is critical to not only staying abreast of the latest developments, but also supplementing internal operational expertise.   READ MORE +

Vela adds Cboe One market data to SuperFeed

Delivering access to real-time stock quote and trade information for U.S. equities   READ MORE +

ED&F Man Capital Markets and Vela collaborate on US Equities and Equity Options execution offering

Vela adds ED&F Man Capital Markets’ smart order routing to its execution platforms to deliver tailored cross-asset market access solutions for algorithmic and quantitative traders   READ MORE +

Direct Market Access in Exchange-Traded FX Derivatives

In this article first published by e-Forex Magazine, Ahmed Heikal talks about how firms can ensure they provide the best possible environment for their customers to trade as the FX exchange-traded derivatives market evolves.   READ MORE +

Helping the broker community discover the value of DMA simplicity in a complex world

There is increasing value to be found in a high-performance direct market access (DMA) platform that makes life easier for new liquidity providers by eliminating pain points, whilst at the same time allowing brokers to rapidly expand their own client reach with new lines of business at no additional cost.   READ MORE +

The democratization of direct market access

DMA has become increasingly pervasive across the industry in recent years, particularly amongst principal trading groups but also with an increasing number of hedge funds and other buy-side firms engaged in algo trading.   READ MORE +

Vela named Best Low-Latency Data/Technology Provider

WatersTechnology recognises SuperFeed in the Inside Market Data Awards   READ MORE +

Avelacom launches a new low latency route between Brazil’s and USA’s major financial exchanges

The route is designed to handle high data volumes, generated by algorithmic trading and provides the lowest latency, required by institutional traders   READ MORE +

Vela and IPC expand market data partnership

Vela’s SuperFeed normalized market data now available via IPC’s Connexus Cloud and Connexus Labs   READ MORE +

Vela deploys normalised market data feed in AWS

Supporting the growing demand for improved and secure access to high-quality real-time trading data in the cloud   READ MORE +

LATAM Exchanges Data (LED) starts operations to promote the market data business in Latin America

A platform jointly developed between BME and the Mexican Stock Exchange (BMV). LED provides Master Data, Closing Prices and Corporate Events from the main Latin American financial markets   READ MORE +

Unleashing the power of the cloud for market data

Last month, before “social distancing” became part of our everyday vocabulary, I joined a panel discussion, hosted by FISD, alongside industry practitioners in the market data space. Our discussion centred around the pragmatic reality of market data in the cloud: what are the techniques and approaches that work, and what...   READ MORE +

Vela named Best Managed Low-Latency Data Feed

Building on international success with TradingTech Insight Europe award win   READ MORE +

Vela’s Metro wins Best Options Trading Platform

Recognized for excellence in trading support and technology in the Fund Intelligence Tech & WSL Awards 2020   READ MORE +


As firms shift to trading derivatives using SONIA in the UK and the Secured Overnight Financing Rate (SOFR) in the US, the increase in liquidity and speed of trading is likely to create pressure on the trading infrastructure underpinning execution.   READ MORE +

Cloud for Financial Services: Managed Trading Services to Thrive (Aite Whitepaper)

Cloud for Financial Services: Managed Trading Services to Thrive (Aite Whitepaper)   READ MORE +

Gaining an edge in derivatives market access in Asia Pacific

In this latest blog, Vela's Viny Bodhani looks at how firms can optimise their market access connectivity and execution technology infrastructure as global trading strategies are brought to local APAC markets.   READ MORE +

Peggy Sullivan wins Women in Finance award for Excellence in Service Providers

Honored in Markets Media Markets Choice Awards for Women in Finance 2019   READ MORE +

Avelacom Launches Multi-Cloud Solution to Accelerate Connectivity to Cryptocurrency Exchanges

The solution offers traders ultra-low latency and on-demand connectivity to cryptocurrency exchanges located with world-leading cloud service providers   READ MORE +

Options Bets Big On Arista With The Deployment of 7130 Series Ultra-Low Latency Switches

The deployment of 7130 tier switches to Options’ managed colocation platform marks the beginning of a new era of ultra-low latency access, with Layer 1 exchange access through the Arista 7130 series.   READ MORE +

Options Announces Platinum Partner Status With Equinix

Options today announced its Platinum Partner status with global interconnection and data center company, Equinix.   READ MORE +

Options Deploys Next Generation Market Data Monitoring Solution from Ixia, a Keysight Business

Ixia TradeVision to be deployed across Options' core US data center locations to provide automated alerting across hundreds of multicast feeds   READ MORE +

Data Analytics Overtakes Big Data

While the concept of big data has focused on the problem of collecting and processing vast quantities of data i— the trend is moving toward data analytics.   READ MORE +

Options Named Best Overall Technology Firm at the 2019 HFM European Hedge Fund Technology Awards

London ― September 19, 2019 ― Options, the leading provider of cloud-enabled managed services to the global capital markets, is proud to have been named Best Overall Technology Firm at the HFM European Hedge Fund Technology Awards 2019.   READ MORE +

Options Announces New Cloud Connectivity Services With Equinix Cloud Exchange (ECX) Fabric™

New York ― September 3, 2019 ― Options, the leading managed service and IT infrastructure provider to the global capital markets industry, today announced new cloud connectivity services with global interconnection and data center firm, Equinix.   READ MORE +

FBS Markets Chooses Vissensa for Equinix London Data Centre Services

Vissensa was chosen by FBS due to the extensive technical capabilities available which has also helped cater for some very well-known financial institutions around the world.   READ MORE +

FlexTrade Partners with ACA Technology to Provide Data On-Demand for Trade Surveillance

– Integrates ACA’s Trade Surveillance Technology into FlexNOW EMS –   READ MORE +

Algo Wheels Spinning into Futures

“While algo wheels have gained traction in equities, in futures it is a more recent development and it points to how the buy side is embracing the most advanced tools to automate and achieve optimal execution with an actionable feedback loop,” said Marco Bianchi, head of business development for futures...   READ MORE +

Vela adds IMC Systematic Internaliser data feed

Providing access to IMC’s unique ELP SI liquidity   READ MORE +

Options Announces New Global Managed Colocation Facilities in Canada

Options has successfully deployed colocation infrastructure with multiple global exchanges as part of its aggressive 2019 global platform expansion.   READ MORE +

Options Completes Colocation Expansion in Australia with ASX, SY2 and Sets Sights on ME1

Options has successfully deployed colocation infrastructure at the Australian exchanges as part of its aggressive 2019 global platform expansion.   READ MORE +

Build and buy? For financial trading systems, it’s no longer just a binary question

In his latest blog post, Ollie Cadman, Global Head of Product Management and Business Operations at Vela, looks at why it now makes sense for firms to consider a build and buy approach, driven by an API first strategy.   READ MORE +

Trading in the Cloud

FlexTrade’s Lee Sherling discusses the firm’s innovative new EMS for hedge funds, FlexNOW   READ MORE +

Preparing for the Long Term

Aaron Levine, vice president of OEMS Solutions at FlexTrade, considers the challenges faced by hedge fund start-ups and the importance of trading technology for their future growth.   READ MORE +

Singapore Spurs Development of FX Trading Hub & Ecosystem

With the uptick in Asian currency trading and the growth of electronic trading, Singapore’s regulator is working with the financial industry to build an FX trading hub and expand FX market infrastructure, a move to improve liquidity and price discovery during Asian trading hours.   READ MORE +

Buy-Side Savviness for Data Analysis Shakes Up Broker Allocations

Latest FlexAdvantage blog by Ivy Schmerken examines trends in buy side use of data analysis to evaluate broker and execution performance.   READ MORE +

Options Announces New Global Managed Colocation Facilities with ASX at ALC

Options Announces New Global Managed Colocation Facilities with ASX at ALC   READ MORE +

Bringing It All Together: Application Interoperability for Traders

FlexTrade's Ivy Schmerken examines desktop application interoperability and the push to make the desktop emulate the user experience on mobile phones where Android and iOS apps are aware of one another and share data.   READ MORE +

Vela enters into strategic partnership with Enyx

Leveraging Enyx’s FPGA-enabled technology within Vela’s electronic trading stack   READ MORE +

FlexTrade Increases Sell-Side Sales Presence for EMEA Region

Lak Loi and Vahid Shirani Join as Vice Presidents of Sell-Side OMS Business Development   READ MORE +

FlexTRADER Extends Integration With Goldman Sachs Actionable Indication of Interest (IOI) Liquidity

Provides One-Click or No-Click Interaction with Prioritised IOI Liquidity Directly from the Trading Blotter   READ MORE +

FlexTrade Partners with OpenFin for Desktop Interoperability

Provides Buy-Side Traders with Seamless Interoperability Between FlexTRADER EMS, FlexNOW & OpenFin Third-Party Applications   READ MORE +

Vela’s DMA Platform further expands into APAC

Delivering execution and market data in the JPX co-location space in Tokyo   READ MORE +

Bond Algos Tap into ETF Liquidity and Efficiency Gains

Algorithmic trading has picked up steam in the corporate bond market as fixed income trading desks appear to follow the playbook of equities. But skeptics contend this is unlikely, arguing that bond desks are quite different and will undergo their own electronic transformation.   READ MORE +

TickSmith announces its partnership with Vela to provide storage and analytics capabilities

The partnership now provides clients with an ultra-low latency market data stream and facility to store and query that data in addition to various advanced analytics   READ MORE +

Brokers Routing to Their Own ATSs Face Scrutiny

A FINRA working paper has raised concerns about broker order routing to affiliated alternative trading systems (ATSs), shedding light on order routing decisions and potential conflicts that can impact execution quality. Can a higher level of scrutiny by regulators be on the way?   READ MORE +

Options Continues APAC Managed Colocation Expansion

New Direct Low Latency Connectivity To Hong Kong, Korea and Sydney Exchanges   READ MORE +

Vela partners with CoinRoutes to deliver Crypto-Asset Smart Order Routing

Leveraging sophisticated routing strategies to achieve best execution   READ MORE +


We’ve partnered with Stake Capital, an emerging leader in the staking services market, to provide highly secure and available investor delegation services.   READ MORE +

A Look into Futures with FlexTrade’s Marco Bianchi

Marco Bianchi, FlexTrade’s Head of Futures Business Development, discusses current trends and changes in the Derivatives markets for 2019.   READ MORE +

Vela wins Best DMA Offering for the fourth time

Recognized in the Fund Technology and WSL Awards 2019 for its high-performance, low latency market access platform   READ MORE +

Consolidated Market Data Feeds Gain Traction in Algo Trading and Fixed Income

Amid all the fire and fury of the battle over costs, there are signs that buy-and sell-side firms have shifted some of their execution needs for data over to consolidated market data feeds.   READ MORE +

Bond Traders Flock to ETFs, Venues and Technology to Manage Risk in Credit Markets

With volatility spiking in global stock and bond markets, there’s been a profound shift in market psychology from chasing higher yields to focusing on risk in the credit markets, according to a recent webinar.   READ MORE +

FlexTrade Wins Buy-Side Technology Award for Best Implementation at a Buy-Side Firm (Trading & Risk)

This year’s trading and risk implementation award goes to FlexTrade for the deployment of FlexONE, it’s order and execution management system developed for the buy-side, at boston-based crowd-sourced hedge fund, Quantopian.   READ MORE +

FlexTrade Wins Best Buy-Side EMS at Buy-Side Technology Awards 2018

FlexTrade clinches this year’s best buy-side execution management system (EMS) award due to its flexibility, performance and ability to support bespoke workflows through FlexTrader, its EMS platform.   READ MORE +

Technancial and Options Announce TTC’S Janus Suite Availability Within Options’ Facilities

The addition of the industry leading JANUS suite, to Options’ expansive list of available services will see the firm align its low latency trading platform with fully detailed real time analytics, thus bolstering the firm’s data analytics and monitoring tools.   READ MORE +

Vela to facilitate electronic access to Eurex EnLight

Eurex, Europe’s largest derivatives exchange, and Vela, a global leader in trading and market access technology, have teamed up to facilitate electronic access to Eurex EnLight, the new selective request-for-quote (RfQ) platform, via Vela’s Metro Trading Platform.   READ MORE +

SONIA: Trading Opportunities in an Emerging Benchmark

SONIA futures are growing fast, but smart technology is needed to connect and scale up with the three exchanges that provide them.   READ MORE +

Avelacom Opens New Singapore Office and Appoints Gabriel Bassas VP Sales for APAC

In the past year Avelacom has seen double-digit growth in new business volumes coming from the APAC region, driven by clients demanding professional grade connectivity services between APAC venues and exchanges, and to those in Europe and the USA.   READ MORE +

BIG Data: Getting Granular with ESG Factors

Despite some of the weaknesses in company-published ESG data, big data and artificial intelligence have enabled the construction of new data sets for analyzing investments.   READ MORE +

BSO becomes first global network provider to offer direct connectivity to BSE's India INX

We're the first global network provider to offer direct #connectivity to the India INX International Financial Services Centre (IFSC), enabling foreign investors and Non-Resident Indians to access the Indian market   READ MORE +

FlexTrade Rolls Out Multi-Asset Strategy Back-Testing Framework

Test, Update and Deploy Past Trading Strategies Available in FlexTrade EMS and OMS Trading Platforms Handles Equities, FX and Futures   READ MORE +

Treasury Trading Evolves with Bilateral Streaming

Electronic trading in the US Treasury secondary market is evolving and shifting, as non-bank liquidity providers and dealers participate on venues that offer bilateral streaming on a disclosed basis.   READ MORE +

GES and IEEE (HK) CI Chapter Jointly Organize The Second Computational Finance Competition

The Second Computational Finance Competition (“Competition”) which are jointly organized by Hong Kong based Global eSolutions (HK) Limited (“GES”), a leading financial trading solution provider, and the IEEE (Hong Kong) Computational Intelligence Chapter (“IEEE (HK) CI Chapter”), are now accepting registration from students of local tertiary institutions from 6th August...   READ MORE +

Albar Capital Deploys FlexNOW

FlexTrade today announced that Albar Capital Ltd., a new hedge fund led by Javier Velazquez (formerly of Millennium Capital Partners LLP), is now trading equities and futures using FlexNOW, FlexTrade’s new execution management system.   READ MORE +

GES x GMO Brokerage Seminar

GES, a leading financial trading platform vendor in Hong Kong, will jointly organize “GES x GMO Brokerage Seminar” with GMO-Z.com Bullion HK Limited (“GMO”), a wholly-owned subsidiary of GMO Financial Group, on June 8, 2018 (Friday) to provide brokerages with better understanding of GES’s solutions designated for A/B Book mixed...   READ MORE +

Alexandria McGrath of Vela recognized as a Rising Star

Vela announced that Development Lead Alexandria McGrath has been recognized as a Rising Star at Markets Media’s sixth annual Markets Choice Awards presented at a dinner in New York last month.   READ MORE +

Equity Market Innovation Leads to Venue Proliferation

Several startups are planning to launch either new venues or order types, and even listing standards, to solve problems in US equity trading. FlexTrade’s Ivy Schmerken investigates.   READ MORE +

Avelacom launches new Warsaw PoP

Avelacom is expanding its footprint in Warsaw making it easier for latency sensitive clients in the financial services industry to access emerging markets in Europe.   READ MORE +

FlexTrade Receives Two Markets Choice Awards for 2018: Best Multi-Asset EMS & Best New Product

FlexTrade today announced the company received two Market Choice awards — Best Multi-Asset EMS (for the 6th consecutive year) and Best New Product – Execution — at the 6th Annual Markets Media Markets Choice Awards ceremony, which was held in New York City on April 24.   READ MORE +

FlexTrade Captures Two Categories at Sell-Side Technology Awards 2018

FlexTrade Systems today announced its FlexTRADER EMS has notched two award categories — Best Automated Trading Platform and Best Alliance or Partnership — during this year’s Sell-Side Technology Awards luncheon, which was held by WatersTechnology and Waters magazine at the The Andaz London Liverpool Street on April 20.   READ MORE +

CMC Markets expands its multi-asset liquidity offering through PrimeXM’s XCore

Through the XCore, financial institutions access the most liquid market in the world.   READ MORE +

Options Continues Managed Colocation Expansion At Equinix Zurich & Milan

The Options high performance managed colocation solution has been extended to Equinix’s Zurich (ZH4) and Milan (ML2) International Business Exchange™ (IBX®) data centers, offering low latency connectivity to SIX exchange feeds at source and a proximity option to the Borsa Italiana exchange feeds.   READ MORE +

Vela adds Eris Exchange to DMA platform

Extending Vela’s Fixed Income initiative for market data and execution solutions to help tackle market fragmentation   READ MORE +

MiFID II’s Trading Hereafter: Systematic Internalizers & Block Venues

MiFID II went live on Jan. 3 without much fanfare, but the EU regulation is already shifting trading behavior toward Large-in-Scale block trading venues and new venues called systematic internalizers run by banks and high frequency trading firms. FlexTrade's Ivy Schmerken examines.   READ MORE +

FlexTrade Integrates Kensho Actionable Intelligence into FlexTRADER EMS

Combines Artificial Intelligence and Analytics to Enhance Best Execution Capabilities   READ MORE +

Fortex Launches Hosting Facility in LD5

In this new facility, Fortex will be offering hosting services on premium dedicated hardware to the FX and CFD brokers, asset managers and other market participants who are looking to place their mission-critical matching engines, MT4/MT5 trading servers, reporting servers and other system components in secure and co-located environment.   READ MORE +

Why You Need to Connect Better into JPX

Start trading JPX today via new POP in ATTOKYO CC2   READ MORE +

Options Offers New Managed Colocation At Nasdaq Stockholm

Options offers new Managed Colocation service at Nasdaq Stockholm, enabling colocated clients to avail of low latency connectivity to the exchange’s Nordic feeds directly at source at its Vasby data center.   READ MORE +

Vela wins Best DMA Offering at 2018 Fund Technology and WSL Awards

Recognized for delivering a high performance, low latency, fully-normalized infrastructure for accessing global liquidity   READ MORE +

Paul Thomas Joins FlexTrade as Vice President, FX Business Development in U.S.

FlexTrade Systems appoints Paul Thomas Vice President, FX Business Development, with responsibility for both the buy-side and sell-side markets in the Americas.   READ MORE +

FlexTrade Appoints Paul Alves Senior Vice President, Global FX Business Development

FlexTrade Systems appoints Paul Alves Senior Vice President of Global FX Business Development with a focus on expanding the company’s buy-side trading solutions to asset managers.   READ MORE +

FlexTrade Integrates BestX Trade Analytics into FlexTRADER EMS

Enhances FX Best Execution Capabilities Under MiFID II   READ MORE +

Fortex Inc. announces the release of its MetaTrader 5 Product Suite

"...Fortex is staying ahead of the game by introducing an MetaTrader 5 Bridge OMX that will help brokers get started with the MetaTrader 5 platform and connect to FX ecosystem in no time,” said Natallia Hunik, Global Head of Sales at Fortex Inc.   READ MORE +

Is Market Structure Tied up in Knots?

With a new head of trading and markets at the SEC, there is some optimism that some of the complex market structure issues – such as make-taker incentives and sky-high market data costs — will be looked at in 2018.   READ MORE +

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