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IAB Video Advertising Spend Report 2019

Video Ad Spend Explodes in M&E Segment: Up 75% from 2018   READ MORE +

Global Video Index: Q2 2018

Ooyala’s Q2 2018 Global Video Index shows Mobile's share of video starts hit a record 62% of all Video Viewing   READ MORE +

Fraud in Digital Advertising: BOT Baseline 2018-2019

For the First Time, More Fraud Will Be Stopped This Year than Will Succeed. Download the report.   READ MORE +

Bot Baseline 2016-2017 | Fraud in Digital Advertising

"a headline of this new research might be 'The War on Digital Ad Fraud Is Winnable!' for those who pay attention and set proper controls"   READ MORE +

The Hunt for 3ve - Taking Down Ad Fraud

"3ve operated on a massive scale: at its peak, it controlled over 1 million IPs from both residential botnet infections and corporate IP spaces, primarily in North America and Europe"   READ MORE +

NEW WHITE PAPER: Key Trends in Digital Payments Markets and Strategic Infrastructure

"These trends are going to drive payment hubs into locations where payment providers can leverage application peering over private networks to connect with their partners, exchange data and handle payments traffic in ways that are not possible with today’s limited messaging protocols and architecture."   READ MORE +

Digital Ad Tech Company Wins Big with Equinix

See how a digital ad tech company is leveraging Platform Equinix® and managed hybrid cloud services from Unitas Global to reduce infrastructure management costs by 50% and lower bid latency to <100MS.   READ MORE +

Building a Digital Edge Strategy with IOA | James Staten of Equinix

VIDEO: James Staten, Global Head of Market Development at Equinix and Erik Weaver, Global Marketing Director of Media & Entertainment sit down to discuss interconnection oriented architecture and best-practices for building a digital edge strategy.   READ MORE +

Customer Success Story: Avid Technology

Global media production solution provider leverages Platform Equinix™ to provide a collaboration app for maximizing production workflow efficiencies and enabling global collaboration   READ MORE +

Top Trends from IBC 2017 - Ooyala

“The disruption… started with a model where the consumer always had the power. We’re on the way back to that model. This is more natural in the industry.”   READ MORE +

Ooyala Global Video Index

"The belief that consumers, especially Millennial consumers, are most desirous of short, bite-sized nuggets of content is just flat-out wrong." Download the Ooyala Global Video Index...   READ MORE +

Customer Success Story: Criteo

By deploying with Equinix, Criteo was able to seamlessly expand beyond their Paris headquarters into Shanghai, New York, Amsterdam and Silicon Valley metros, offering every Criteo customer the same quality experience regardless of locale.   READ MORE +

Content & Media Case Study: Brightroll

PDF download: See how a leading video advertising platform builds the world’s fastest real-time bidding exchange for video ads on Platform Equinix™, slashing network latency by 80% and increasing successful bids by 48%.   READ MORE +

What It’s Like to Go Inside a Data Center That Generates $4 Trillion in Business Every Day

ADWEEK: Index Exchange offers a peek at how programmatic advertising works   READ MORE +

Time to Get Disruptive! Programmatic Advertising in TV

While television may have set the tone for engaging advertising, online channels can now provide far better consumer targeting, at scale, thanks to programmatic technology. This could have been the death knell for TV advertising, but the medium is now adapting and coming round to the idea of programmatic.    READ MORE +

2015 Bot Benchmark Report

In this seminal benchmark study, Digital Content Next (DCN) and White Ops worked to categorize the bot impact across high-quality Web publisher sites.    READ MORE +

White Paper: How Content Marketing and Native Will Drive a New Era of Engagement

A state of the industry intelligence report for brands and publishers.   READ MORE +

Lessons from Leaders: MetLife - Jonathan Bunn

Video gives far-flung teams new ways to form the kind of personal connections that lead to cross-pollinating ideas. Jonathan will discuss how MetLife’s OneVoice platform has created a vibrant new dynamic driving employee engagement since its launch in June last year as part of the insurer’s Innovation Program.    READ MORE +

Free to Innovate: The CIO Who Outsources

No time to innovate? Achieve results by outsourcing routine IT to a specialist managed service provider.   READ MORE +

Viewability Measurement for Video: An Industry Overview

Advancements in technology and industry standards enable the measurement of whether ads served can be seen by users. In the wake of these developments, the digital advertising industry is increasingly moving toward a “viewable” impression standard where advertising impressions are measured and counted based on the opportunity for users to...   READ MORE +

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