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Fraud in Digital Advertising: BOT Baseline 2018-2019

For the First Time, More Fraud Will Be Stopped This Year than Will Succeed. Download the report.   READ MORE +

Bot Baseline 2016-2017 | Fraud in Digital Advertising

"a headline of this new research might be 'The War on Digital Ad Fraud Is Winnable!' for those who pay attention and set proper controls"   READ MORE +

The Hunt for 3ve - Taking Down Ad Fraud

"3ve operated on a massive scale: at its peak, it controlled over 1 million IPs from both residential botnet infections and corporate IP spaces, primarily in North America and Europe"   READ MORE +

The Feds Have Let the Cyber World Burn. Let's Put the Fire Out

We are suffering the largest crime wave in human history, and it is built on a foundation of failed cybersecurity.   READ MORE +

2015 Bot Benchmark Report

In this seminal benchmark study, Digital Content Next (DCN) and White Ops worked to categorize the bot impact across high-quality Web publisher sites.    READ MORE +

White Paper: How Content Marketing and Native Will Drive a New Era of Engagement

A state of the industry intelligence report for brands and publishers.   READ MORE +

Forrester Report: Greater Transparency is Critical to Programmatic Success for Publishers

As programmatic gains traction with marketers, publishers require more information and sophisticated tools to thrive.   READ MORE +

Study: Mobile Device Hijacking Ad Fraud Tactic Threatens Mobile Ad Ecosystem

The threat to advertisers continues to increase with the pervasive use of known fraud tactics including device emulation, mobile user agent spoofing, mobile location spoofing, and user acquisition fraud.    READ MORE +

Thousands of Apps Secretly Run Ads That Users Can't See

Advertisers lose over $850 million per year to invisible fraud within mobile apps   READ MORE +

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