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On Demand Webinar: Solving Your Restore Challenges

Unleash secure, affordable, always-available data storage.   READ MORE +

Innovation in Healthcare and Life Sciences

By centralizing its redundant VMware SD-WAN VeloCloud backbone on Platform Equinix, Sentara significantly improved its resiliency with no network outages. Sentara significantly lowered its latency, seeing application response times go from 20 milliseconds (ms) down to four milliseconds, even with a 500 percent increase in greater home interconnectivity over its...   READ MORE +

HBR Audio Quick Take: Philips’ Hans Koolen on Creating Digital Advantage

Hear Hans Koolen, senior director, commercial IT and tech innovations for Royal Philips, discuss everything from the challenges Philips needed to overcome with their technology investments, to the key principles that underpin their infrastructure.   READ MORE +

AstraZeneca Combines Public Cloud with NetApp to aid Covid-19 Vaccine Development and Roll-out

AstraZeneca’s global infrastructure services director Scott Hunter lifts the lid on the cloud and datacentre setup underpinning its efforts to bring its co-developed Covid-19 vaccine to the masses   READ MORE +

Sensyne Case Study | HSCN Connectivity

A case study detailing how Cloud Gateway assisted Sensyne in facilitating improved patient outcomes during the COVID pandemic by providing secure and rapid HSCN connectivity.   READ MORE +

Yorkshire and Humber Care Record Case Study | HSCN Connectivity

A case study detailing how Cloud Gateway assisted YHCR in facilitating improved patient care during the COVID pandemic by providing secure and rapid HSCN connectivity.   READ MORE +

Q doctor Case Study | HSCN Connectivity

A case study detailing how Q doctor was able to facilitate clinicians going back to work during the COVID-19 pandemic by providing NHS Digital approved tools for effective remote patient care.   READ MORE +

Cloud Gateway Health Connect | Learn More

Award-winning hybrid cloud connectivity platform providing businesses with the agility to adopt and operate hybrid cloud and multicloud environments   READ MORE +

New Report (APAC) - Addressing Medical R&D Challenges in an Era of Collaboration

Focusing on APAC as a microcosm reflecting global trends, this report explores the drivers, risks and opportunities for the industry in an increasingly collaborative digital world.   READ MORE +

Options Announces Platinum Partner Status With Equinix

Options today announced its Platinum Partner status with global interconnection and data center company, Equinix.   READ MORE +

Growth in Global Interconnection Enables Smarter Healthcare

Global Interconnection Index projects 70% growth in healthcare and life sciences Interconnection Bandwidth over the next 5 years   READ MORE +

How AI Is Transforming Healthcare

"Accenture projects the top AI healthcare applications will deliver tens of billions of dollars in savings"   READ MORE +

New Year, New Privacy Regulations. Are You Ready?

Private storage and hybrid cloud platforms enable direct and secure interconnection to public clouds, while ensuring the local security and auditability of PIP data.   READ MORE +

Health Information Exchange (HIE) - an interconnection blueprint

This blueprint, outlining a uniform way to exchange data, is the key to innovation as life science, pharmaceutical, healthcare and not-for-profits all look to deploy health information exchanges at the digital edge.   READ MORE +

Enabling Healthcare Innovation through Interconnection

What makes this concept so powerful is that it’s a secure, high-bandwidth connection with zero latency that bypasses the public Internet entirely, leading some to dub interconnection “the second internet.”   READ MORE +

Equinix and TeraMach Enable Cloud Support for Government of Ontario

Cloud exchange service, infrastructure, and network will enable the Ontario Public Service ("OPS") to maintain seamless communications between the OPS Network and other levels of government and service providers.   READ MORE +

Transformation in Healthcare Solution Brief - PDF Download

Healthcare providers need more secure, real-time collaboration, data exchange and insights to improve patient outcomes and value, and to increase margins and growth.   READ MORE +

Vissensa IT Services Case Study: PRMA Consulting

PRMA Consulting made a decision to outsource their IT provision at an early stage in their development and as a key deliverable of the transition, Vissensa was asked to work with external software developers to implement a bespoke internal project management system based on Microsoft SharePoint.   READ MORE +


We’re generating and consuming data at an extraordinary pace, with estimates that the total accumulation of the past two years — a zettabyte — is more than has been amassed in all of human history. Healthcare is no longer toward the end of the adoption curve when it comes to mobile...   READ MORE +

The Internet of Things and Staying Healthy

In our “Things in the Internet of Things” series, we try to make the IoT less about what’s possible tomorrow and more about what’s happening today. And since everyone enjoys being healthy, we thought we’d look at some things in the IoT that aim to keep us that way.   READ MORE +

Live Q&A panel debate: What does ‘the cloud’ mean for pharma?

Launching on May 4th, pharmaphorum will present the first in its Open Debate series, designed to make top industry experts accessible to answer your questions on key topics shaping not only our industry but the day-to-day lives of those working within it.   READ MORE +

White Paper: Cloud Computing Success Demands the Right Cloud Connectivity

Because employees at every location must have secure, reliable and flexible access to the applications now residing in the cloud, enterprises also need network connectivity with the cloud. Yet because all networks are not created equal, a cloud solution is only as good as the network that supports it.   READ MORE +

Realizing the Promise of Big Data in the Cloud: Hybrid Infrastructure Delivers

Find out how to operate a Big Data solution in the cloud without sacrificing performance, control, security, or cost.   READ MORE +

Logicworks Unveils New Healthcare Cloud Solutions Catalog

Logicworks, a leader in compliant cloud computing and managed hosting, today announced the official launch of its healthcare cloud solutions catalog. Logicworks' new suite of healthcare cloud solutions directly addresses the infrastructure problems and business requirements of covered entities, ISVs and government agencies.    READ MORE +

White Paper: Exploring the Cloud – What It Is, Where It’s Going, and Why It Matters

The purpose of this document is to educate today’s business leaders on what the cloud is, where it’s going, why it matters, and how an organization can use the cloud effectively to satisfy its critical goals.   READ MORE +

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