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Zoom Selects Seagate’s Lyve Cloud

Files will be securely saved and easily accessed on Seagate’s always-on storage as a service.   READ MORE +

On Demand Webinar: Solving Your Restore Challenges

Unleash secure, affordable, always-available data storage.   READ MORE +

Equinix SDN-Based Cloud Exchange Fabric Goes Global

Equinix completed the global rollout of its SDN-based connectivity platform, Equinix Cloud Exchange Fabric (ECX Fabric). It now supports connections between all of the interconnection giants 37 ECX Fabric markets across five continents.   READ MORE +

Blog: Improve Cloud Security Management with a Cloud-Based HSM

In contrast to the convenience of software deployment and scalability provided by the cloud, managing encryption keys across multiple cloud platforms is inherently complex.   READ MORE +

The Time Has Come for Key Management as a Service

The time has come for digital businesses to leverage key management as a service for protecting and accessing their data in multiple cloud platforms.   READ MORE +

Building a Digital Edge Strategy with IOA | James Staten of Equinix

VIDEO: James Staten, Global Head of Market Development at Equinix and Erik Weaver, Global Marketing Director of Media & Entertainment sit down to discuss interconnection oriented architecture and best-practices for building a digital edge strategy.   READ MORE +

New Year, New Privacy Regulations. Are You Ready?

Private storage and hybrid cloud platforms enable direct and secure interconnection to public clouds, while ensuring the local security and auditability of PIP data.   READ MORE +

Security Onesheet

Unitas has partnered with Alert Logic, the experts in cloud security, to provide their clients with a security strategy that allows them to stay ahead of threats no matter where sensitive data resides – off-prem, on-prem or hybrid. Their joint cloud-based suite of security and compliance solutions protect client networks...   READ MORE +

Four Clues That Show a Web Service Doesn't Understand Security

Users have a responsibility to look after themselves on the Internet. It's their job to make sure they use long and random passwords, don't write them down where just anyone can see them, and don't use their dog's name as a password on their favorite Manga forum and their main email account.   READ MORE +

Estimate Your Organization's Risk with This DDoS Attack Calculator

According to our DDoS Impact Survey, 45% of organizations were attacked at least once in the past year, at an average cost of $40,000 per hour. Use this online DDoS calculator to assess the likelihood of your company experiencing a DDoS attack and its potential costs.   READ MORE +

Cloud Security Principles: The Growing Importance of Physical Location in a Virtualized World

Legal requirements arise every day while the question of where to store one's data is left without a real useful explanation. The following post adds a new perspective to those considering the data treatment rules “bowl”, and offers a relevant solution.   READ MORE +

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