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Live Webinar: Empower Petabytes of Edge Data

Learn how to capture, store, and activate data at scale!   READ MORE +

Seagate & Zadara Brings Enterprise Compute For Any Workload

With a shared focus on multicloud compatibility, pay-as-you-go pricing, and global availability, Seagate® and Zadara have joined forces to offer scalable compute resources for data workloads in the cloud.   READ MORE +

Platform Equinix Expands Services into Six New Markets

The expanded service provides enterprises with direct, on-demand network access to a variety of Azure services, including Azure VMware Solution, which helps enterprises speed up their hybrid cloud transformations by moving or extending on-premises VMware environments to Azure.   READ MORE +

Alibaba Cloud expands reach to US, EMEA, Asia-Pacific via Equinix

Alibaba Cloud's global expansion plans will get a boost from Platform Equinix and Equinix Cloud Exchange Fabric.   READ MORE +

Global Interconnection Index - Volume 3

As the world continues to digitize, interactions are happening at the edge— close to population centers, where the digital and physical worlds meet, and where businesses come together to exchange information and services.   READ MORE +

Equinix Cloud Exchange Fabric™ Recognized by 451 Research as a '451 Firestarter' for Innovation

"Equinix is on a path to allow customers to easily reach infrastructure in any one of its 200 datacenter facilities around the world—edging closer toward a truly Software Programmable Interconnection (SPI) and earning them a 451 Firestarter award." - Dan Thompson, Research Director at 451 Research   READ MORE +

Beeks Financial Cloud Expands Equinix Footprint with New Datacentre

Beeks Financial Cloud, a leading low-latency Infrastructure-as-a-Service provider for financial markets, is pleased to announce that it is growing its portfolio of datacentre locations by deploying in the Equinix NY5 New York datacentre.   READ MORE +

Beeks Financial Cloud Acquires VPS Provider, Commercial Network Services

Beeks Financial Cloud, an Infrastructure-as-a-Service provider for financial markets, is pleased to announce it has acquired the assets of Commercial Network Services (CNS), a US-based VPS provider, for a total consideration of up to $1.4million.   READ MORE +

Equinix SDN-Based Cloud Exchange Fabric Goes Global

Equinix completed the global rollout of its SDN-based connectivity platform, Equinix Cloud Exchange Fabric (ECX Fabric). It now supports connections between all of the interconnection giants 37 ECX Fabric markets across five continents.   READ MORE +

Beeks Financial Cloud hosts BeQuant Exchange

Beeks Financial Cloud is pleased to announce a collaboration with BeQuant Exchange, a leading cryptocurrency exchange based in London and Malta. Beeks will be hosting BeQuant’s matching engine in London, within its dedicated network.   READ MORE +

When is Dedicated Infrastructure Not Dedicated?

Is your Dedicated Server actually a Dedicated Server? How do you know that you don't have a Virtual Machine instead? Check out the PDF document below to read our full guide on how you can check that your Dedicated Server is a physical machine and not a VM.   READ MORE +

Beeks Financial Cloud Signs New Tier 1 Financial Services Client

Beeks Financial Cloud signs a new three-year contract with a Tier 1 financial services organisation from within the insurance sector.   READ MORE +

Equinix to convert Metronode data centres into 'campuses'

Australian managing director Jeremy Deutsch told iTnews there is likely to be “considerable” expansion of the existing Metronode footprint...   READ MORE +

Health Information Exchange (HIE) - an interconnection blueprint

This blueprint, outlining a uniform way to exchange data, is the key to innovation as life science, pharmaceutical, healthcare and not-for-profits all look to deploy health information exchanges at the digital edge.   READ MORE +

Equinix Wants to Do to Data Center Connectivity What AWS Did to Computing

DATACENTER KNOWLEDGE: New Cloud Exchange Fabric uses SDN to shrink interconnection lead times from months to minutes.   READ MORE +

Equinix to Launch Direct Access to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure in 16 Additional Markets

Customers across North America and Europe to gain high-performance, low-latency access to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure   READ MORE +

Expanding in EMEA, increasing our unrivaled global reach

Itconic, Zenium deals drive Interconnection in underserved regions   READ MORE +

Salesforce Ramps Up Fast and Reliable Private Enterprise Connectivity

Salesforce Express Connect enables enterprises to access Salesforce applications directly, instead of going over the public internet.   READ MORE +

Customization is Driving Innovation in Manufacturing

Demand for smarter, customized products, Products-as-a-Service and “servitization”—the selling of a solution versus a single product—is forcing manufacturers to find new ways to incorporate product and customer data, and automation across the product life cycle... PDF Download.   READ MORE +

Equinix to Install Largest Deployment of Fuel Cells for the Colocation Data Center Industry

12 Additional North American Data Centers to be Powered with State of the Art Fuel Cell Technology   READ MORE +

AWS Direct Connect Service now Available in Equinix New York Data Centers

With the addition of New York, Equinix now offers AWS Direct Connect service in Amsterdam, Chicago, Dallas, Frankfurt, Los Angeles, London, Munich, New York, Osaka, Sao Paulo, Seattle, Silicon Valley, Singapore, Sydney, Tokyo, Warsaw and Washington, D.C./Northern Virginia.   READ MORE +

Salesforce Partner Profile

Download the Salesforce / Equinix Partner Profile Data Sheet and see how direct connections to Salesforce speed performance and improve security.   READ MORE +

Google Cloud Platform & G Suite Solution Brief

Google enterprise customers looking to leverage the value of their cloud services now have direct access to Google Cloud Platform and G Suite via the Equinix Cloud Exchange™ in 17 key business metros around the globe.   READ MORE +

Google Cloud Platform Customer Case Studies

Discover why the world's most innovative organizations are choosing Google Cloud Platform   READ MORE +

Google Cloud Platform Made Simple

Learn how Google Cloud Platform is different infrastructure as a service solutions.   READ MORE +

Press Release: Google Cloud Networking

We announced that we’re making it easier for you to connect your network to us, with Google Cloud Interconnect.   READ MORE +

Relating Big Data Insights to Business Goals Helps Maximize Data Value

Over the last few years there has been a relentless focus on big data as a technology problem. Resources have been invested in solving the technological problems posed by data collection, storage, and analysis. That's all well and good, but solving the technological issues surrounding big data leaves a lot...   READ MORE +

Enterprise Needs More than Just Cheap Storage

Over the last few years, considerable focus has been given to "price wars" and the rapidly declining cost of both cloud storage and cloud servers. From the perspective of cloud market watchers, it's an interesting phenomenon, but in reality, price is not the issue that enterprise cloud users are most...   READ MORE +

If the Cloud is to Mature, Vendors Need to Start Managing Privacy

Although cloud computing has made incredible strides over the past few years, privacy and compliance yet remain two of the most significant roadblocks to adoption.    READ MORE +

IT Has to Take Control of the Cloud Eventually - Here's How It Can

Even though 90% of organizations use some form of cloud computing, many IT departments are still completely stumped when it comes to proper cloud implementation.   READ MORE +

Is the Cloud Not Working For Your Business? This Might Be Why

By now, you’ve certainly heard all about the power of cloud computing and what implementing it can do for enterprise. Unfortunately, hearing about all the efficiency gains the cloud can confer on a business and actually seeing those gains are two very different things.   READ MORE +

Cloud and Big Data Bring Contextual Awareness to Business Decision-Making

One data point is not much use to anyone. Without the ability to compare it to a series of data points over time, one data point gives almost no insight into the events and objects that comprise the real-world.    READ MORE +

What Does the End of US-EU Safe Harbor Mean for Cloud Users?

In the future, we may have the ideal cloud: a cloud unlimited by national boundaries where data can flow to where it is needed. Until then, cloud users and their customers are held to a complex set of legal agreements and treaties between nations and organizations that represent collections of...   READ MORE +

What's the Big Deal About Quantum Computing, And How Does It Relate to the Cloud?

It’s almost a little frightening how quickly technology has advanced. Only a few decades ago, something as simple as a smartphone would have seemed torn straight out of the realm of science fiction.   READ MORE +

Successful Businesses Seek Strategic Partnerships for Cloud Migration

Most successful cloud migrations entail a change in the way a business approaches infrastructure management and deployment — something that can be difficult for organizations with entrenched processes and an understanding of IT better suited to legacy technology.   READ MORE +

Exerting Control Over Your Sprawling Cloud

Many organizations suffer from what's come to be known as cloud sprawl. It's easy to create a new server. Once a server has been deployed, it'll stay deployed unless someone intervenes to shut it down or it's shut down automatically. While it's running, the server will incur costs whether it's...   READ MORE +

Four Strategies For Executives To Enhance Digital Enterprise Effectiveness

A digital strategy that leverages the best that modern online technology and infrastructure can offer is essential if established businesses are to remain competitive. If they can't implement digital and cloud properly, they're going to have their lunches eaten by agile startups.   READ MORE +

Cloud Survey Shows Growing Enterprise Penetration for Business Critical Applications

A recent study of mid-market enterprises reveals cloud adoption is growing strongly for business critical applications. The Deloitte survey indicates that almost 60% of mid-market businesses prefer either hosted cloud or hybrid cloud solutions for IT deployments.    READ MORE +

Why Are Enterprise Applications So Much Worse Than SaaS Alternatives?

Workers have probably accepted this truth as a fact of life: enterprise software isn't very good. It may have an excellent range of functionality, without which their jobs would be impossible, but that functionality comes packaged in interfaces that force them into inefficient and unpleasant workflows. From the worker's perspective,...   READ MORE +

Continuous Integration and Delivery in the Cloud

At the heart of this new ability to safely deliver software with fast incremental releases is continuous integration coupled with continuous delivery — distinct processes which are often conflated, but which aren't necessarily tied together.   READ MORE +

Cloud Robotics is Making Everyday Robotics a Reality

Robots will be — and are — able to connect to the Internet to leverage cloud processing and storage in ways that would have been difficult to conceive of in the days of Buck Rogers.   READ MORE +

Cloud-Powered Cognitive Technologies Are Changing The Future of Business

We're nowhere near achieving the strong AI necessary to create human-like entities. But that doesn't mean artificial intelligence research is having no impact on how we live and work.    READ MORE +

What AirBnB's Outscale-ing Strategy Teaches Us About Cloud Hosting

Just recently, Mike Curtis, Airbnb’s vice president of engineering, had a chat with ZDnet about what it takes to build a business from the ground-up on the cloud. Though the talk lasted only five minutes, Curtis nevertheless offered a number of valuable insights into the nature of cloud computing, and how...   READ MORE +

Four Clues That Show a Web Service Doesn't Understand Security

Users have a responsibility to look after themselves on the Internet. It's their job to make sure they use long and random passwords, don't write them down where just anyone can see them, and don't use their dog's name as a password on their favorite Manga forum and their main email account.   READ MORE +

Cloud Apps Make Employees Happy

The concern employers now show for their workers' happiness is not entirely altruistic. Evidence abounds that happy employees are productive employees, although you wouldn't know that from the software that many are forced to use.   READ MORE +

Three Practical Applications for Big Data

Big data is widely regarded as transformative for business. There is barely a business in existence that wouldn't benefit from more data about its operations, its customers, and the marketplace. However, there is still no shortage of decision makers who decline to see the potential advantage, often as a reflexive reaction...   READ MORE +

Dark Data Offers Both Opportunity and Risk

In some ways, the cloud is a double-edged sword. The ease with which we can spin up servers lets businesses align their infrastructure portfolio to their business needs in close to real time. On the other hand, without proper management, it's also easy to deploy resources that are not used...   READ MORE +

Flexible Infrastructure Powers Ever More Rapid Innovation Cycles

In all areas of business, from HR to logistics, and from product design to manufacturing, the ability to deploy information infrastructure accelerates the pace of innovation, shortening innovation cycles and allowing us to truly iterate.   READ MORE +

Thinking of Moving Your Business to the Cloud? These Six Considerations Will Ease Your Journey

Enterprise adoption among small and medium enterprises is growing. Once the preserve of startups and large corporations, smaller businesses that had until now been content with their legacy systems have recognized the benefits that infrastructure-as-a-service can bring to their business.   READ MORE +

How Everything-As-A-Service is Changing Cloud Computing

The cloud was disruptive enough when it was primarily related to IT - when it could improve application development, streamline a few critical processes and offer improved storage/communication. Now, though? Things have changed - and it’s a change that’s most definitely for the better.   READ MORE +

Every Company is a Data Company, But They Don't All Need Data Centers

In a perceptive article on ZDNet, writer and analyst Joe McKendrick makes the point that in the modern era, every company is a software and data company. But do they need a data center?   READ MORE +

Why Pay Big Money For Infrastructure Talent?

At the start of any big IT project, the question arises over the best way to procure and deploy the necessary infrastructure. There are two broadly defined camps: those who think it’s almost always better to buy and manage infrastructure in-house, and those who think the cloud is generally the...   READ MORE +

Expert Advice: Rethinking Electrical Distribution in Datacenters to Reduce Risk of Failure

Today representing between 1.5 to 2 percent of the world’s electrical consumption, how can we optimize power distribution in datacenters? What are the challenges? How can these changes reduce the risk of failure? Learn the answers to these questions in the following assessment made by Germain Masse, director of OVH...   READ MORE +

Does the Internet of Things Always Mean Big Data?

In an interesting article entitled Forget Big Data -- Small Data Is Driving The Internet Of Things, Forbes writer Mike Kavis makes the point that it’s inaccurate to assume that the Internet of Things necessarily presupposes big data. He’s right in an obvious way, to get to big data you need...   READ MORE +

The Demise of the Corporate WAN

In 2008, in the article titled: “Cloud computing: End of the corporate WAN?” NetworkWorld asked the interesting and significant question: Why have a WAN when I have the cloud?” The article questioned the long term viability of corporate WANs vs the ubiquitous connectivity that cloud could provide.   READ MORE +

White Paper: Is Your Email More Secure On-Premise or In the Cloud?

Download free best practices white paper to find out if your solution measures up on 7 critical dimensions of email security.     READ MORE +

7 Undeniable Reasons Why Your Network Should be Flexible

Here are 7 undeniable reasons why you should use a cloud-based WAN to make your cloud connectivity flexible.   READ MORE +

Free to Innovate: The CIO Who Outsources

No time to innovate? Achieve results by outsourcing routine IT to a specialist managed service provider.   READ MORE +

White Paper: VMware Software-Defined Data Center

The mobile cloud era is changing line-of-business (LOB) expectations of IT. For IT organizations to securely deliver the anticipated improvements in service quality and speed, a Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC) approach is required.    READ MORE +

SoftNAS Architecture on AWS

Network Attached Storage (NAS) software is commonly deployed to provide shared file services to users and applications. SoftNAS Cloud, a popular NAS solution that can be deployed from the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Marketplace, is designed to support a variety of market verticals, use cases, and workload types. Increasingly, SoftNAS...   READ MORE +

Cloud Security Principles: The Growing Importance of Physical Location in a Virtualized World

Legal requirements arise every day while the question of where to store one's data is left without a real useful explanation. The following post adds a new perspective to those considering the data treatment rules “bowl”, and offers a relevant solution.   READ MORE +

Any Teleport in a Storm

When your communications make a 72,000km round trip into orbit and back to reach you, the last thing you want is for the weather to get in the way. For people and businesses relying on satellite signals to communicate across Brazil, this can be much more than a minor hiccup. So...   READ MORE +

C-Suite Study: The Customer-Activated Enterprise

Building upon more than a decade of research that has helped to produce the IBM C-suite Studies series, the new Global C-suite Study embodies one of the largest collections of C-level executive insights produced anywhere in the world. The Customer-activated Enterprise is now available for download. Following face-to-face conversations with...   READ MORE +

Datacom Datacenter Services

Leverage Datacom's Data centre Assets, Operational expertise and networks to Host and Manage your critical IT equipment infrastructure.     READ MORE +

Datacom Office Productivity as a Service

Datacom OPaaS is a managed suite of services that provides an enterprise-class messaging and collaboration solution. Datacom’s solution allows customers to migrate to an enhanced messaging system based on the latest Microsoft’s technologies along with rich email and collaboration options.   READ MORE +

Get a Full-Service Network, Data Centre and DR Offering Through Datacom, AAPT and Equinix

Through our partnership with global data centre provider Equinix and end-to-end telecommunications infrastructure provider AAPT, Datacom is able to help organisations navigate the challenges of disaster recovery and business continuity and ensure they have a data centre service that meets their unique business needs.   READ MORE +

Datacom Supports Queensland Government Cloud Trial with End-to-End Solution

As part of its ongoing focus on efficiency, and in line with its ICT strategy for the next five years, the Queensland State Government has implemented a plan to refurbish its ICT systems with a view to creating a more time and cost effective experience for government agencies and the community.   READ MORE +

CloudSigma Enhances Hybrid Cloud Solutions With Equinix Cloud Exchange

Equinix broadens reach for cloud service providers by enabling direct access to enterprise customers and network service providers   READ MORE +

CloudSigma Expands U.S. Cloud Presence With Equinix in Silicon Valley And Miami

New Cloud Locations Address Growing Customer Base with Improved Latency Performance, Redundancy and Access to Key Markets in the West, Southeast and Latin America   READ MORE +

ServiceNow Transforms HR Service Delivery

Envision Healthcare, a leading provider of physician-led, outsourced medical services, has implemented ServiceNow software-as-a-service for its Human Resources (HR) organization.    READ MORE +

Customer Interview: Equinix Globalizing IT and the Power of a CIO Dashboard

As theCube was extracting signal from the noise at the recently concluded ServiceNow Knowledge 13 event, we got a chance to chat with Brian Lillie, CIO of Equinix. Lillie is a great fan of ServiceNow, and it shows.    READ MORE +

CIO Discussion: Keeping The Lights On, When It Matters

ServiceNow brought together nine enterprise CIOs and IT leaders to discuss how to successfully execute IT strategy in today's world. In the roundtable discussion, they shared their experiences and pooled thoughts on modern best practices for delivering IT services. This white paper captures the discussion and describes their approach to...   READ MORE +

Case Study: Consolidation at Equinix Evolves into Innovation with the ServiceNow Platform

What started as a standard IT tool-consolidation effort at Equinix has evolved into the creation of innovative applications and has transformed the way IT supports the business. Two-and-a-half years after go-live, more than 400 Equinix users work in ServiceNow under the guidance of Eric Fisch. Now, IT plays a crucial...   READ MORE +

ProfitBricks Weekly Cloud Computing News Roundup: Issue 9

Here is the latest edition of ProfitBricks’ weekly roundup of news, content and conversations about Cloud Computing.   READ MORE +

The Cloud and the Industrial Revolution: Commoditization and Innovation

CEO of CloudSigma Robert Jenkins discusses the opportunities and innovations still to come from cloud computing, likening the state of the cloud industry to the Industrial Revolution. Similar to how the Industrial Revolution completely changed the entire world’s economy, so, too, will the cloud.   READ MORE +


Zurich, Switzerland – January 6, 2014 –CloudSigma, a public cloud IaaS provider with advanced hybrid hosting solutions, today announced that it has enhanced its solid-state drive (SSD) storage offering with highly-granular, affordable snapshot management technology to improve data protection and access in the cloud. Now, customers can seamlessly and cost-effectively incorporate enterprise...   READ MORE +

White Paper: “The New Competitive Advantage” - Strategic CFOs Embrace the Cloud

This Oracle FSN white paper provides CFOs with a strategic playbook on how to leverage the cloud to drive greater agility in response to economic and competitive change, and more flexibility and choice in how you deploy and manage enterprise applications.   READ MORE +

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