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On Demand Webinar: Solving Your Restore Challenges

Unleash secure, affordable, always-available data storage.   READ MORE +

Business Continuity Meets Mass Data Activation

Enterprises need a secure, long-term backup solution with predictable economics that enables timely access for retrieval of their data. This solution must also offer backup data analytics and storage optimization, as well as governance and security that improves compliance and supports business continuity. Together, Lyve Cloud and Commvault deliver a...   READ MORE +

Innovation from Edge to Cloud: Seagate Highlights its Portfolio at ISC West 2021

For the first time at ISC West, Seagate offered solutions from edge to cloud, providing a full storage portfolio of video and analytics solutions built and tested for security. From our enterprise grade drives, Lyve Mobile edge storage, and Lyve Cloud storage-as-a-service, we’ve created a reliable foundation for storing and...   READ MORE +

Equinix SDN-Based Cloud Exchange Fabric Goes Global

Equinix completed the global rollout of its SDN-based connectivity platform, Equinix Cloud Exchange Fabric (ECX Fabric). It now supports connections between all of the interconnection giants 37 ECX Fabric markets across five continents.   READ MORE +

Disaster Recovery Onesheet

Unitas Global provides global, agile, and custom disaster recovery solutions to meet clients’ business needs and requirements. Their Disaster Recovery as a Service solution delivers a fully managed and dedicated DR environment on a monthly OpEx basis, continuously monitored 24x7x365 by their Cloud Management Center. Unitas can take on an...   READ MORE +

Security Onesheet

Unitas has partnered with Alert Logic, the experts in cloud security, to provide their clients with a security strategy that allows them to stay ahead of threats no matter where sensitive data resides – off-prem, on-prem or hybrid. Their joint cloud-based suite of security and compliance solutions protect client networks...   READ MORE +

Case Study: Ensuring Business Continuity

Moore Stephens Sydney management recognises the role of technology in client engagement. To assist Moore Stephens Sydney with its business objectives, Nexon Asia Pacific became the company’s primary ICT provider and adviser in 2006.   READ MORE +

The ‘Must Ask’ Questions for Business Continuity

A challenge faced by almost all businesses today is the ability to audit and manage their data. The amount of information created and stored by businesses is continuously increasing and regardless of the size of your organisation, if you cannot fully audit and control your data, how can you protect...   READ MORE +

Financial Services Company Launches Cloud Based Disaster Recovery Solution with Unitas Global

The company, based in Manhattan, desired a comprehensive and cost-efficient disaster recovery trading platform with minimal latency and immense computational resources. The public cloud’s lack of security and reliability rendered it ineffective, so a private cloud solution seemed to be the obvious choice. The company also expressed minimal latency as a critical requirement.   READ MORE +


Zurich, Switzerland – January 6, 2014 –CloudSigma, a public cloud IaaS provider with advanced hybrid hosting solutions, today announced that it has enhanced its solid-state drive (SSD) storage offering with highly-granular, affordable snapshot management technology to improve data protection and access in the cloud. Now, customers can seamlessly and cost-effectively incorporate enterprise...   READ MORE +

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