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How today’s Enterprises access and move large data sets from Endpoints to Core

Mass data is going places. Drawing on 2021 IDC research, this report shows the challenges presented by the current shifts in data gravity, which pull masses of data in two directions—toward the edge and the multicloud core. How can businesses remove the bottlenecks blocking the value of data sets that...   READ MORE +

How Zoom, Netflix, Dropbox, and Equinix are tackling coronavirus infrastructure challenges

Far from being virtual, making these physical networks run smoothly means betting on where the traffic demands will originate and to where they will travel in order to strategically place network capacity over time.   READ MORE +

Reinvention in the age of AI

In 2018, robot density per worker was the highest in Germany, Korea and Singapore. Yet the employment rate in all of those countries remains high despite the prevalence of robots.   READ MORE +

Salesforce Partner Profile

Download the Salesforce / Equinix Partner Profile Data Sheet and see how direct connections to Salesforce speed performance and improve security.   READ MORE +

Empowering Today's Diverse Workforce Through Cloud Communications

Seamlessly integrating mobile and distributed employees into the existing workforce presents new, complex challenges for your business. Download your free copy of the Frost & Sullivan report “Market Leadership Assessment: Empowering Today's Diverse Workforce Through Cloud Communications,” and learn how the RingCentral cloud phone system uniquely supports modern workforces.   READ MORE +

Datacom Office Productivity as a Service

Datacom OPaaS is a managed suite of services that provides an enterprise-class messaging and collaboration solution. Datacom’s solution allows customers to migrate to an enhanced messaging system based on the latest Microsoft’s technologies along with rich email and collaboration options.   READ MORE +

Case Study: Ensuring Business Continuity

Moore Stephens Sydney management recognises the role of technology in client engagement. To assist Moore Stephens Sydney with its business objectives, Nexon Asia Pacific became the company’s primary ICT provider and adviser in 2006.   READ MORE +

ServiceNow Transforms HR Service Delivery

Envision Healthcare, a leading provider of physician-led, outsourced medical services, has implemented ServiceNow software-as-a-service for its Human Resources (HR) organization.    READ MORE +

Customer Interview: Equinix Globalizing IT and the Power of a CIO Dashboard

As theCube was extracting signal from the noise at the recently concluded ServiceNow Knowledge 13 event, we got a chance to chat with Brian Lillie, CIO of Equinix. Lillie is a great fan of ServiceNow, and it shows.    READ MORE +

CIO Discussion: Keeping The Lights On, When It Matters

ServiceNow brought together nine enterprise CIOs and IT leaders to discuss how to successfully execute IT strategy in today's world. In the roundtable discussion, they shared their experiences and pooled thoughts on modern best practices for delivering IT services. This white paper captures the discussion and describes their approach to...   READ MORE +

Case Study: Consolidation at Equinix Evolves into Innovation with the ServiceNow Platform

What started as a standard IT tool-consolidation effort at Equinix has evolved into the creation of innovative applications and has transformed the way IT supports the business. Two-and-a-half years after go-live, more than 400 Equinix users work in ServiceNow under the guidance of Eric Fisch. Now, IT plays a crucial...   READ MORE +

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