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Live Webinar: Empower Petabytes of Edge Data

Learn how to capture, store, and activate data at scale!   READ MORE +

How Seagate & Veeam designed a cost optimized Backup and Recovery solution

For enterprises across industries, exponential data growth has created several cost and complexity challenges when it comes to storing and accessing backup data. How does Seagate storage solutions and Veeam Availability Suite work together to support efficient disaster recovery methods?   READ MORE +

Seagate & Zadara Brings Enterprise Compute For Any Workload

With a shared focus on multicloud compatibility, pay-as-you-go pricing, and global availability, Seagate® and Zadara have joined forces to offer scalable compute resources for data workloads in the cloud.   READ MORE +

Case Study: How Seagate Solved Their Own Data Problem

Like most enterprises, Seagate struggled with long-term data recovery, multiple backup storage vendors, and increasingly large data sets.   READ MORE +

ON-DEMAND WEBINAR with Veeam, Seagate, and 451 Research

No matter the size of your organization, having a plan for ransomware is critical. As the fastest growing threat in cybersecurity today, ransomware disrupts operations, is costly, and can unhinge your business.   READ MORE +

How mature is your multicloud environment? Read the report

Today’s multicloud is a mix of clouds that don’t communicate well. As multicloud complexity and the related costs are on the rise, the friction leads to data lock-in—and the resulting loss of business value. But it doesn’t have to be that way, says a new industry report.   READ MORE +

How Many of These Backup Challenges Do You Face?

With exponential data growth, cyber threats proliferating, and complexity mounting, businesses are overwhelmed in keeping up with backup. Do any of these backup challenges sound familiar to you?   READ MORE +

Seagate Lyve Cloud Expands to New Regions and Adds Key New Offerings

We're pleased to announce plans to expand Seagate's Lyve Cloud into seven new global regions. In addition, we'll be adding two new offerings, including Lyve Cloud Archive storage service and Lyve Cloud Marketplace.   READ MORE +

Seagate Lyve Cloud Makes Mass Data Storage Easy for Alfa Romeo F1 Team ORLEN

Faced with the challenge of scaling their factory data beyond an on-premise storage appliance, Alfa Romeo F1 Team ORLEN have chosen to deploy Seagate Lyve Cloud and can now store, access and move their unstructured data easily at scale without having to worry about the unpredictable costs pertaining to data...   READ MORE +

Cyark Simplifies World Cultural Heritage Recording and Archival with Seagate

CyArk is on a mission to digitally document, archive, and share the world’s cultural heritage. With Seagate® Lyve™ Cloud, they can manage, access, and share its massive data project library more efficiently.   READ MORE +

Seagate Lyve Cloud expands to Singapore

Seagate Technology launched its premiere cloud storage-as-a-service platform, Lyve™ Cloud, for businesses of all sizes in Singapore.   READ MORE +

Design a resilient cloud strategy with Seagate and Equinix

Ravi Naik, EVP and CIO at Seagate, and Milind Wagle, CIO at Equinix, discuss the CIO’s role in enabling business strategy, the future of multi-cloud infrastructure, and share valuable insights and best practices for successful cloud migration, and much more.   READ MORE +

9 Enterprise Backup Challenges and How to Overcome Them

Explore 9 common backup storage challenges facing enterprises today and how they affect data security and accessibility.   READ MORE +

Safeguard Enterprise Data from Ransomware

Lyve Cloud offers a safe and efficient S3 object storage target to support your anti-ransomware strategies.   READ MORE +

Get 30 days Lyve Cloud storage for free

Are you looking to seamlessly move backups to a highly scalable, S3-compatible cloud storage platform with always-on availability and multi-region replication?   READ MORE +

Start off your year storing more data with less fees!

Store more data for longer with single-tier pricing, zero API charges, and no ingress or egress fees.   READ MORE +

On demand Webinar: Seagate & Commvault

Join us to learn how the joint solution from Seagate Lyve Cloud and Commvault can help you overcome your backup and recovery challenges.   READ MORE +

White Paper: Modernize your data protection, backup & recovery

Enterprise data is growing at 42.2% annually but only 32% of data available to enterprises was put to work in 2020-2021. This means that most enterprise data is not fully leveraged for business analysis and insights that could lead to better business outcomes.   READ MORE +

Seagate Lyve Cloud on Equinix Metal

Seagate Lyve Cloud on Equinix Metal is an S3-compatible edge to cloud (STaaS) storage-as-a-service platform. Collaborating with Equinix, Seagate has made Lyve Cloud accessible around the world, at the metro-edge, and on-demand. This collaboration will provide extensive interconnect opportunities for additional cloud services and geographical expansion to customers.   READ MORE +

Live Webinar: Back Up and Retrieve Your Data with Certainty

Join us to learn how the joint solution from Seagate Lyve Cloud and Commvault can help you overcome your backup and recovery challenges.   READ MORE +

Why Storage as a Service Makes Sense in a Multi-Cloud Environment

Businesses today are generating more data than ever before. With technological advances like the Internet of Things (IoT), Edge Computing, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and many other endpoint devices from enterprises, consumers, there is so much data being captured.   READ MORE +

Prepare for these Data Management Challenges in the Multi-Cloud Ecosystem

With continuing technological advances, data is being generated and growing exponentially. Yet, many enterprises are unable to realize their data’s full potential and continue to struggle with managing it.   READ MORE +

Global Interconnection Index (GXI) - Volume 5

The Global Interconnection Index (GXI) is the industry’s leading source of data and insight on interconnection and its increasing impact on the digital world.   READ MORE +

Future-Proofing Storage – IDC Whitepaper sponsored by Seagate Technology

Managing massive enterprise data sets is becoming increasingly complex. Implementing a strategy to efficiently manage data at scale across cloud, edge, and endpoint environments is critical if you want to capitalize on business opportunities.   READ MORE +

Backing Up Mass Data? Here’s How to Do It Better

Enterprises need a robust data protection strategy to manage the massive volumes of data being continuously generated by their operations. They also need a simple and cost-effective way to manage legacy backups that are stuck in silos because of the cost and complexity associated with existing storage technologies and time-consuming...   READ MORE +

Are you in the Media & Entertainment business and looking for flexible, cost-effective data storage?

Lyve™ Cloud from Seagate® empowers M&E companies to harness the power of efficient workflows, cost-effective solutions, and scalable media collaborations. Now teams can simply create, produce, and deliver media while keeping pace with the growth of digital transformation.   READ MORE +

Zoom Selects Seagate’s Lyve Cloud

Files will be securely saved and easily accessed on Seagate’s always-on storage as a service.   READ MORE +

On Demand Webinar: Solving Your Restore Challenges

Unleash secure, affordable, always-available data storage.   READ MORE +

Business Continuity Meets Mass Data Activation

Enterprises need a secure, long-term backup solution with predictable economics that enables timely access for retrieval of their data. This solution must also offer backup data analytics and storage optimization, as well as governance and security that improves compliance and supports business continuity. Together, Lyve Cloud and Commvault deliver a...   READ MORE +

Innovation from Edge to Cloud: Seagate Highlights its Portfolio at ISC West 2021

For the first time at ISC West, Seagate offered solutions from edge to cloud, providing a full storage portfolio of video and analytics solutions built and tested for security. From our enterprise grade drives, Lyve Mobile edge storage, and Lyve Cloud storage-as-a-service, we’ve created a reliable foundation for storing and...   READ MORE +

Seagate Lyve Cloud at Equinix

“For [Lyve Cloud] to really have its full value, it needed to be geographically distributed, close to end-users.” Eric Schwartz, Chief Strategy and Development Officer at Equinix, reveals how the world’s largest digital infrastructure provider came to join forces with Seagate in order to make Lyve Cloud accessible to more...   READ MORE +

Platform Equinix Expands Services into Six New Markets

The expanded service provides enterprises with direct, on-demand network access to a variety of Azure services, including Azure VMware Solution, which helps enterprises speed up their hybrid cloud transformations by moving or extending on-premises VMware environments to Azure.   READ MORE +

Edge to Everywhere with Unitas Reach™

With its presence on six continents, Unitas Reach™ provides redundant and diverse Internet, IP, Ethernet, and Wave access to distributed applications across any cloud, hybrid-cloud, multi-cloud, or private cloud destination.   READ MORE +

HBR Audio Quick Take: Aon’s Rakesh Inamdar on Being a Digital Leader

Hear Rakesh Inamdar, Senior Director of Core Infrastructure Services at Aon, discuss everything from the strategic drivers of their technology investments to the key principles that underpin their infrastructure.   READ MORE +

eBook: Optimizing Microsoft Azure Interconnection for Greater Productivity

Equinix and Unitas Global provide enterprise solutions for high-performance, scalable and secure Microsoft Azure and hybrid multicloud infrastructures.   READ MORE +

On Demand Webinar: How to Fast Track your Digital Advantage with WWT,NetApp, and Equinix

Five compounding macro trends are driving the need for transformation: digital business, urbanization, cybersecurity, data volumes and compliance, and business ecosystems.   READ MORE +

On-demand webinar: Secure the Edge, Connect the Core, Access the Clouds with NetApp, Zenlayer and Equinix

As organizations focus on using digital systems to enable more effective and efficient operations, they need to deploy next-generation infrastructure and protect the data it delivers. These include ensuring application performance, supporting business agility, securing and protecting data, and a comprehensive approach to infrastructure from the edge to the cloud.   READ MORE +

Cloud to Internet Access in Days Via ECX

In need of Internet access, our client used the Unitas Cloud Connectivity Manager (CCM) accessed from the ECX Customer Portal to price and order the Internet access they needed with ease and efficiency. The entire sales process was completed online.   READ MORE +

Equinix Expands Fabric, Enhances Network Edge

Equinix is expanding its Equinix Fabric and Network Edge platforms with a broader ecosystem of partners and new capabilities designed to create a single interconnection between physical and virtual devices.   READ MORE +

Alibaba Cloud expands reach to US, EMEA, Asia-Pacific via Equinix

Alibaba Cloud's global expansion plans will get a boost from Platform Equinix and Equinix Cloud Exchange Fabric.   READ MORE +

A Platform for Data Scientists - Inside Equinix

Test drive the new AI Platform-as-a-Service powered by NVIDIA, Core Scientific and NetApp   READ MORE +

How Zoom, Netflix, Dropbox, and Equinix are tackling coronavirus infrastructure challenges

Far from being virtual, making these physical networks run smoothly means betting on where the traffic demands will originate and to where they will travel in order to strategically place network capacity over time.   READ MORE +

Case Study: Gamers and Latency

Zenlayer, a services provider, has partnered with Equinix to offer a global, ultra-low latency (   READ MORE +

Global Interconnection Index - Volume 3

As the world continues to digitize, interactions are happening at the edge— close to population centers, where the digital and physical worlds meet, and where businesses come together to exchange information and services.   READ MORE +

Verizon launches interconnect service through Equinix

Verizon's SDI service is designed to provide fast, reliable connectivity between customer and the colocation data center.   READ MORE +

Equinix Cloud Exchange Fabric™ Recognized by 451 Research as a '451 Firestarter' for Innovation

"Equinix is on a path to allow customers to easily reach infrastructure in any one of its 200 datacenter facilities around the world—edging closer toward a truly Software Programmable Interconnection (SPI) and earning them a 451 Firestarter award." - Dan Thompson, Research Director at 451 Research   READ MORE +

Equinix SDN-Based Cloud Exchange Fabric Goes Global

Equinix completed the global rollout of its SDN-based connectivity platform, Equinix Cloud Exchange Fabric (ECX Fabric). It now supports connections between all of the interconnection giants 37 ECX Fabric markets across five continents.   READ MORE +

Reinvention in the age of AI

In 2018, robot density per worker was the highest in Germany, Korea and Singapore. Yet the employment rate in all of those countries remains high despite the prevalence of robots.   READ MORE +

Inter-connecting the Digital Payments Ecosystem

Just as people gather together in cities to gain the synergies of a social network, for business and leisure, there is a parallel in the “urbanization of IT,” with payments players creating infrastructure with direct access to data sources, service providers, networks and clouds to gain the performance and cost...   READ MORE +

Beeks Financial Cloud hosts BeQuant Exchange

Beeks Financial Cloud is pleased to announce a collaboration with BeQuant Exchange, a leading cryptocurrency exchange based in London and Malta. Beeks will be hosting BeQuant’s matching engine in London, within its dedicated network.   READ MORE +

When is Dedicated Infrastructure Not Dedicated?

Is your Dedicated Server actually a Dedicated Server? How do you know that you don't have a Virtual Machine instead? Check out the PDF document below to read our full guide on how you can check that your Dedicated Server is a physical machine and not a VM.   READ MORE +

Beeks Financial Cloud Signs New Tier 1 Financial Services Client

Beeks Financial Cloud signs a new three-year contract with a Tier 1 financial services organisation from within the insurance sector.   READ MORE +

ClearSky Data to Provide Enterprises with Limitless Data Scalability, Protection and Access

Available on Platform Equinix, enterprises gain access to on-demand storage with built-in backup and DR, unlimited capacity and no egress fees while also accelerating any cloud, multi-cloud or edge computing deployment.   READ MORE +

The Essential Strategy for Scaling Digital Businesses

The largest digital players have known for years that private connections, in which data and information can be exchanged directly without traversing the public Internet, is the only option.   READ MORE +

Digital Ad Tech Company Wins Big with Equinix

See how a digital ad tech company is leveraging Platform Equinix® and managed hybrid cloud services from Unitas Global to reduce infrastructure management costs by 50% and lower bid latency to <100MS.   READ MORE +

B2B interconnection bandwidth to grow to nearly 10X Internet traffic estimates

"Significant macro, technology, and regulatory trends are converging to form an unprecedented era of complexity and risk and forcing the integration of physical and digital worlds"   READ MORE +

Charles Meyers Named President And Chief Executive Officer Of Equinix

"The opportunity that lies ahead for Equinix is enormous and I am committed to driving our innovation, strategy and execution to become the trusted center of a cloud-first world."   READ MORE +

Equinix and Iguazio partner to drive smart mobility

Information Age: hybrid cloud solution enables leading Asian ride-hailing applications to deliver real time and event-driven insights   READ MORE +

Blog: Improve Cloud Security Management with a Cloud-Based HSM

In contrast to the convenience of software deployment and scalability provided by the cloud, managing encryption keys across multiple cloud platforms is inherently complex.   READ MORE +

The Time Has Come for Key Management as a Service

The time has come for digital businesses to leverage key management as a service for protecting and accessing their data in multiple cloud platforms.   READ MORE +

Building a Digital Edge Strategy with IOA | James Staten of Equinix

VIDEO: James Staten, Global Head of Market Development at Equinix and Erik Weaver, Global Marketing Director of Media & Entertainment sit down to discuss interconnection oriented architecture and best-practices for building a digital edge strategy.   READ MORE +

Equinix to convert Metronode data centres into 'campuses'

Australian managing director Jeremy Deutsch told iTnews there is likely to be “considerable” expansion of the existing Metronode footprint...   READ MORE +

Equinix Wants to Do to Data Center Connectivity What AWS Did to Computing

DATACENTER KNOWLEDGE: New Cloud Exchange Fabric uses SDN to shrink interconnection lead times from months to minutes.   READ MORE +

Equinix and TeraMach Enable Cloud Support for Government of Ontario

Cloud exchange service, infrastructure, and network will enable the Ontario Public Service ("OPS") to maintain seamless communications between the OPS Network and other levels of government and service providers.   READ MORE +

Equinix to Launch Direct Access to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure in 16 Additional Markets

Customers across North America and Europe to gain high-performance, low-latency access to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure   READ MORE +

Expanding in EMEA, increasing our unrivaled global reach

Itconic, Zenium deals drive Interconnection in underserved regions   READ MORE +

Salesforce Ramps Up Fast and Reliable Private Enterprise Connectivity

Salesforce Express Connect enables enterprises to access Salesforce applications directly, instead of going over the public internet.   READ MORE +

Bye-bye public internet, hello interconnection

Commenting on the Global Interconnection Index (GII) released by Equinix last month, Gill told Computerworld Hong Kong that enterprises could cut their network costs by half with 50% improvement in performance through rewiring their network typology to include interconnection.   READ MORE +

Customization is Driving Innovation in Manufacturing

Demand for smarter, customized products, Products-as-a-Service and “servitization”—the selling of a solution versus a single product—is forcing manufacturers to find new ways to incorporate product and customer data, and automation across the product life cycle... PDF Download.   READ MORE +

Equinix to Expand Into Spain and Portugal Through Acquisition of Itconic

Acquisition expands Equinix footprint into Iberia; positions company to expand interconnection between Europe, Latin America and Africa   READ MORE +

Outside-In Competition Forces Insurance Industry Innovation

66% of insurers agree that big data is enabling non-traditional providers to move into the industry. Download PDF.   READ MORE +

Private Data Exchange Between Businesses Forecasted to Outpace the Public Internet

Inaugural Global Interconnection Index Finds Interconnection Becoming an Essential Building Block of the Global Digital Economy   READ MORE +

Equinix to Install Largest Deployment of Fuel Cells for the Colocation Data Center Industry

12 Additional North American Data Centers to be Powered with State of the Art Fuel Cell Technology   READ MORE +

AWS Direct Connect Service now Available in Equinix New York Data Centers

With the addition of New York, Equinix now offers AWS Direct Connect service in Amsterdam, Chicago, Dallas, Frankfurt, Los Angeles, London, Munich, New York, Osaka, Sao Paulo, Seattle, Silicon Valley, Singapore, Sydney, Tokyo, Warsaw and Washington, D.C./Northern Virginia.   READ MORE +

Salesforce Partner Profile

Download the Salesforce / Equinix Partner Profile Data Sheet and see how direct connections to Salesforce speed performance and improve security.   READ MORE +

Positioning for the Next Wave of Cloud Data Center Deployments

For the world’s largest data center provider that means making some changes to the way it develops business strategy and the way it structures deals with some of its clients.   READ MORE +

Alibaba Cloud Included in Gartner Magic Quadrant for IaaS

This is the first time that Alibaba has been positioned in the Quadrant, placing it in the top echelon of global cloud players.   READ MORE +

Zadara Expands Enterprise Storage-as-a-Service Coverage in London with AWS and Equinix

New London location now offers AWS users Zadara Storage advanced enterprise storage features.   READ MORE +

Amazon Web Services Customer Case Studies

By running its applications on AWS, 3M Health Information Systems can easily scale up or down without needing to acquire and provision servers months in advance.   READ MORE +

Google Cloud Platform & G Suite Solution Brief

Google enterprise customers looking to leverage the value of their cloud services now have direct access to Google Cloud Platform and G Suite via the Equinix Cloud Exchange™ in 17 key business metros around the globe.   READ MORE +

Case Study: News UK Deploys Zadara Storage Architecture As Equinix Managed Service

News UK deploys Zadara Storage architecture as Equinix managed service to enable data protection, simplify infrastructure and reduce costs.    READ MORE +

Webinar: How to Simplify Data Management with Hybrid Cloud

Join our webinar to learn how to simplify your data management within one interface with Acembly via Hybrid Cloud Management, Transfer Services & Mobility, Provisioning Your Own Private Cloud, and Analytics and Business Intelligence.   READ MORE +

Zadara Storage and Consalco Open Intel Storage Demo Center

Users are able to Experience the Power, Scalability and Flexibility of Storage-as-a-Service Up Close.   READ MORE +

Oksana Braune of Zadara Storage Recognized as One of CRN’s 2017 Women of the Channel

Zadara® Storage, the provider of enterprise-class storage-as-a-service (STaaS), announced today that CRN®, a brand of The Channel Company, has named Oksana Braune, sales director, central and eastern Europe, to its prestigious 2017 Women of the Channel list.    READ MORE +

Kodak Alaris Selects Zadara Storage to Address Changing Demands and Reduce Overall Costs

Imaging Giant Benefits from Cost Control, Agility and Investment Protection with Zadara Storage IRVINE, CA – April 25, 2017 – Zadara® Storage, the provider of enterprise-class storage-as-a-service (STaaS), today announced that Kodak Alaris, a spin-off from the Eastman Kodak Company addressing both the B2C and B2B markets, has selected the Zadara VPSA storage array to implement...   READ MORE +

Discovery turns to Equinix for IOA

As part of this deal the company will consolidate up to 80% of its current IT infrastructure. This includes its back-office support systems, applications and network connectivity. More importantly it will gain access to the Equinix Media Cloud Ecosystem for Entertainment (EMCEE).   READ MORE +

Google Cloud Platform Customer Case Studies

Discover why the world's most innovative organizations are choosing Google Cloud Platform   READ MORE +

Google Cloud Platform Made Simple

Learn how Google Cloud Platform is different infrastructure as a service solutions.   READ MORE +

Press Release: Google Cloud Networking

We announced that we’re making it easier for you to connect your network to us, with Google Cloud Interconnect.   READ MORE +

Zadara offers enterprise storage cloud services on Equinix Cloud Exchange™

Zadara Storage offers a fully managed, pure OPEX enterprise storage solution that reduces the costs and complexities associated with data center storage. The Storage Cloud Services are delivered in an Australian Cloud and located in the Equinix Sydney International Business Exchange™ (IBX®) data center.   READ MORE +

Zadara Expands Enterprise Storage-as-a-Service Coverage in AWS Beijing Region with Futong

Sinnet Beijing location now offers AWS China users Zadara Storage advanced enterprise storage services BEIJING, CHINA – March 21, 2017 – Zadara® Storage, the provider of enterprise-class storage-as-a-service (STaaS), and Futong today announced the availability of Zadara’s award-winning VPSA® Storage Array at the Beijing Sinnet Technology Co., Ltd data center, supporting the AWS Beijing region. Zadara has previously announced regional...   READ MORE +

Zadara Storage to Expand Market Reach through Agreement with Tech Data

Technology Solutions to offer Zadara’s Enterprise Storage-as-a-Service to growing Public and Private Cloud Users IRVINE, CA – March 14, 2017 – Zadara® Storage, the provider of enterprise-class Storage-as-a-Service (STaaS), today announced an agreement with Tech Data Corporation (Nasdaq: TECD), one of the world’s largest wholesale distributors of technology products, services and solutions. Technology Solutions, formerly a division of...   READ MORE +

Zadara Storage and Trio Announce new Storage-as-a-Service (STaaS) offering in Israel

Trio Expands its DR-as-a-Service (DRaaS) Offering with Zadara Enterprise Storage-as-a-Service (STaaS)   READ MORE +

Cloud Storage Scalability Ranks #1 on IT Wish Lists in 2017

Germany, UK and US research highlights the imperative need for elasticity in managing data storage   READ MORE +

Zadara Storage Continues Momentum with Record 2016 Results

Worldwide Growth Validates Demand for Zadara Storage Enterprise Storage-as-a-Service (STaaS)   READ MORE +

Keio University Selects Zadara Hybrid Cloud Storage to Address their DR and Cost Challenges

Zadara™ Storage, the provider of enterprise-class storage-as-a-service (STaaS) today announced that Keio University has selected the Zadara VPSA storage array to provide file services to their over 2,000 member university staff. By working with Zadara’s partner CDC, Keio University is able to upgrade their aging IT infrastructure to address immediate disaster recovery and cost challenges,...   READ MORE +

Zadara Storage Joins Google Cloud Partner Program

 Zadara™ Storage, the award-winning provider of enterprise-class storage-as-a-service (STaaS) today announced that it has added support for Google Cloud Platform, enabling customers to leverage the enterprise-grade functionality of the Zadara Storage Cloud. Zadara Storage also announced that it has joined the Google Cloud Partner Program.   READ MORE +

Zadara Storage Offers Intel-based Flash Storage-as-a-Service at HDD Price Point

Zadara™ Storage, the award-winning provider of enterprise-class Storage-as-a-Service (STaaS) today announced that their Zadara Storage Cloud will offer Intel®-based, flash storage solutions providing industry-leading flash performance in a pure-OpEx-based model – however at prices that rival traditional hard disk drive configurations.   READ MORE +

Equinix and Citrix partner to improve performance and maximize application reliability

Equinix and Citrix partner to solve the ultimate connectivity challenge to improve performance and maximize application reliability for all of your business branches and remote locations.   READ MORE +

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