How does Forum help me?

Forum is an elegant, simple to use, free marketing channel that gives you the ability to reach a global audience of key IT purchase influencers.

What kind of content can I publish to Forum?

Forum is a place for high-quality digital content relevant to the services available inside Equinix. In addition to your main Company Profile page, Forum provides an environment for thought leadership content in the Insights section and a corresponding environment for promotional content in the Announcements section. You may also publish your upcoming events to the Events section.

Easily publish video, text and other content.  Link to your website, landing pages and other online resources.

Please ensure you are publishing high-quality content to the appropriate section of Forum and never use “black hat” tactics to make your content appear where it may not be relevant.

Where does my content appear?

Content published to Forum is syndicated across the Forum website in the Spotlight section, Related content modules, Search results and the Homepage.  Content may also be manually selected to appear in the Spotlight, on the Homepage or other areas on Forum. Content may also be syndicated across Equinix.com, other Equinix digital properties, 3rd party websites, Social Media, and other digital venues.

Syndication drives relevant traffic back to your content on Forum.

Why does my content appear where it does?

Filtering algorithms search and display content where it is most relevant to other content on any given page. Equinix may tune these algorithms to help ensure an optimal end-user experience. Editorial staff may select your content to feature on the Homepage or another place on Forum.

How can I optimize my content to maximize my impact on Forum?

Ensure your content is well written and clearly relevant to key topics on Forum such as Cloud, Networking, ecosystem and other strategic areas.  Review the Strategies section for examples of this type of content. Search for and review other relevant content on Forum.

Ensure your content is clear and descriptive.  More content on a page is better than less as long as it is clearly written and relevant (Example: if you are creating a page with a link to a white paper, ensure that all the key topics are mentioned on your page.  Include an executive summary and a table of contents along with the link to your white paper or conversion form.) Be sure your Event content has all the relevant info and provide links to maps, venues, hotels, tradeshow websites and other related items.

Video content can be highly compelling.  Take advantage of the simple video publishing features on your Company Profile and Insights pages to easily publish content already hosted on Youtube or Vimeo. Be sure to include thorough descriptions of your video content on your video pages.  The content you type in is searched by our algorithm and directly affects how you appear in our search results.

Always provide links to your website, conversion landing pages and other relevant resources. Be specific when linking to page content.  Don't rely on users to land on a general page and find the content for themselves.

How to upload your videos to Youtube — free

How to upload your videos to Vimeo — free and paid options

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