Voxility - 100 Gbps Internet Acces for Only $11,000

Voxility - 100 Gbps Internet Acces for Only $11,000

Stream your hugely popular event with Voxility with amazingly fast Internet and no congestion! Give your users the best connectivity experience while you enjoy increased redundancy for your infrastructure, zero packet loss and lower latency for your visitors through better routing while optimizing your IP transit cost. Prices several times lower than you may believe it is possible. Check our offer: https://www.voxility.com/

How to connect

Voxility connects directly with 1500 other networks, including NTT and Telia. Our Internet edge capacity is over 2 Tbps and is well balanced across US and EU.

On this platform we offer two variants of the same service: 'Premium' and 'Economy' Internet Access. The latter uses fewer network peers because of the price.

If you use Dedicated Servers10U or 20U colocations from Voxility then you just need to order Internet Access for Servers. If you have Full Rack Cabinet from Voxility or your infrastructure is hosted directly by the datacenter, you will need a cross-connect and IP Transit for Networks

The obvious benefits:

- Locations - fast internet acces in 18 of the best connected datacenters in the US and the EU

- Quality - the shortest routes from 1500 direct network peers including NTT and Telia

- Price - affordable in any way you compare it

- Availability - Voxility network does not have packet loss and is permanently monitored for congestion

- Guarantees - 99,9% uptime per quarter, including maintenances

- Flexibility - aggregating the bandwidth from all servers, instead of charging each one independently, allows optimal use of the bandwidth you pay

- Network features - BGP, full routing table for IPv4 and IPv6 (or selection based on communities) etc.

- Anti-DDoS - available as an option, it can be turned on at any time for an extra cost

Global IaaS provider with strong capabilities to become the choice partner for leading companies around the world, through: 22 best-connected datacenters, top-notch DDoS mitigation up to 1 Tbps+Protection, anycast, global private networks, huge bandwidth availability, open infrastructure, hardware-as-a-service and 24/7 support.
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