True Global Network Agility – Coevolve & Aryaka Partner to Create Leading WAN Optimization Service

SYDNEY, Australia & MILPITAS, Calif., December 9, 2014: Coevolve, the leading provider of Agile Networks for Global Applications is pleased to announce an innovative partnership with Aryaka.

SYDNEY, Australia & MILPITAS, Calif., December 9, 2014: Coevolve, the leading provider of Agile Networks for Global Applications is pleased to announce an innovative partnership with Aryaka, the leading ‘As-A-Service’ provider of WAN OptimizationNetworkApplication Delivery and Cloud Networks.

The result of this partnership is the game-changing Coevolve WAN Optimization as a Service – an end to end, fully managed solution for global enterprises that combines Aryaka’s leading cloud-based optimization platform with Coevolve’s deep expertise in the management of the Internet infrastructure and Customer Premise Equipment (CPE) at selected client locations.

Tim Sullivan, CEO of Coevolve said: “Our clients operate globally, often in remote parts of the world, but they run business-critical applications that just need to work. This partnership with Aryaka will allow us to rapidly convert existing Internet circuits into a fully optimized, managed solution – and at a fraction of the cost of MPLS and traditional optimization appliances. In a market where agile is an often quoted aspiration but the reality takes weeks or months to implement, we turn up Coevolve’s WAN Optimization as a Service in hours or days for our clients…globally. That is true agile networking.”

The solution leverages Aryaka’s global network of optimization-enabled PoPs and high performance core network to offload traffic from the Internet as much as possible, providing a more consistent user experience. Existing Internet circuits can be used, eliminating the need to implement new circuits with long lead times. The performance of in-house and cloud-based applications is greatly improved by using this service, particularly where great distances separate users and applications.

“Coevolve has vast experience with using ISPs as part of an enterprise-grade, hybrid networking solution. Combined with Aryaka’s track-record of enabling international business connectivity, this partnership delivers a powerful proposition for businesses operating on a global basis,” said Sonal Puri, CMO at Aryaka. “We’re excited to have Coevolve as a partner to help address requirements for clients that need end to end management for their global network architecture.”

Coevolve CTO Ciaran Roche added: “Legacy WAN technologies do not meet the cost and flexibility demands of businesses today, but it takes technical and operational excellence to make the Internet enterprise-ready. We are providing that technology and deep expertise on an ‘as-a-service’ basis at a fraction of the CAPEX and much lower ongoing operational cost. The next few years will usher in many game changing technologies as more network components are virtualized, but enterprise IT teams need trusted partners to ramp up the use of these disruptive technologies. This is Coevolve’s mission. With Aryaka we have a genuine meeting of the minds on what agile global networks really mean, and we have the cross-continent expertise to facilitate this with precision for global enterprises.”

Coevolve and Aryaka plan to further develop the partnership to incorporate additional Aryaka products into Coevolve’s service offerings. More details are available here.

Aryaka’s Networks for the New Enterprise integrates the benefits of WAN optimization, application delivery and cloud access with reliable, secure and dedicated connectivity into a single intelligent network, eliminating the need for hardware and dedicated links that take months to provision – providing an optimized enterprise grade network that is setup and ready to go in minutes.