Race Against Dementia - F1 legend, Sir Jackie Stewart’s mission to solve Dementia

Race Against Dementia - F1 legend, Sir Jackie Stewart’s mission to solve Dementia

Race Against Dementia raises and allocates funds to accelerate global research and development in the race to find a prevention or treatment for dementia.

Our vision is a breakthrough in the prevention or treatment of dementia with the greatest of urgency.

Equinix shares this vision and is actively hosting clients to speed up the permutations calculated in the discovery, our mission is ‘to improve the health sector’s ability to quickly access data anywhere around the world, Equinix provides a global platform to deploy, connect & secure digital infrastructure both physically & virtually. This allows you to bring your data & applications closer to your peer group, customers & partners. This ultimately enhances your opportunity to solve population health issues.

What does this mean?

The technical (digital) improvements across the world course through Equinix as a natural meeting point so that #biopharma and #life science organisations can tap into the best fit mix for them to accelerate their goals.  E.g. XYZ biopharma has their own physical infrastructure located next to #Google compute (GCP) or AN Other cloud. A partner of theirs applies #Deep Learning (AI) to the science to speed up the computational elements in the research. Fast forward the #AI into clinical trials and the legislated digital track and trace audit regime needed in this pursuit (traditional or on some form of #blockchain?) and you have the ability to dramatically speed up or exit a process to start another angle on the pursuit to solve Dementia.

Only 2 weeks ago research enabled this area to basically stop heading down a cul de sac.  Global science immediately can pivot in a different direction knowing that the at previous route would have been unsuccessful and a waste of resources.

2004 was a lifetime ago and the last great breakthrough in the science. Several pursuits have been cut off due to the likelihood of negative outcomes and failed stage 3 trials.  You’ll see examples of companies using Equinix to have options on what assets they use at platform Equinix and you’ll learn that the funding isn’t always the big pharma companies. RAD funds a lot of initiatives under the radar and we encourage the science to move forward at pace.

Can the dream come true where RAD fund a pursuit that solves part of the Alzheimer’s and Dementia puzzle. Let’s find out and find out at pace.

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